should it be an offence to call someone ginger?

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    i am cazzaposted 8 years ago

    should it be an offence to call someone ginger?

    in england if you walk down the street and your black and someone shouts the 'n' word you can have that person arrested, if your ginger and you walk down the street and someone shouts the 'g' word ya on ya own, personnaly it doesnt bother me, go ahead shout it, im like 'what you think i didnt notice when i looked in the mirror every day for the last 20 odd yrs???' but i find many people of ginger hairage are very offended by this, but come to think of it maybe they should be? and if so shouldnt i?

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    dljc_79posted 8 years ago


    to be against redheads is to be rascist and communist, red hair shows pure breeding in people who have the (native) coastal-western european y-chromosome or mitochondrial dna types, only rascists hate strong features of ethnicity and only communists promote outbreeding/mixbreeding in their efforts to destroy all ethnic culture.

    my mother is a redhead, i am not, many is the time i have knocked some f*ckers teeth in for insulting redheaded women, obviously you can tell i prefer it red wink

    why should only non-white people have that kind of insane and corrupt power?

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    Anaya M. Bakerposted 7 years ago

    The n word is the offense that it is because it has historically been linked to extreme racism, violence, lynching, mob beatings, etc. If ginger had the same historical implications, it could be considered a punishable offense. Without a history of violence attached to the word, it really boils down to personal sensitivities, which cannot always be protected by law, and shouldn't be if we strive for a democratic society.