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How much are Sarah Palin's really worth?

  1. Gilo profile image57
    Giloposted 8 years ago

    How much are Sarah Palin's really worth?

    This isn't really a political question, I'm just curious. I read she has been given a $7m advance for her memoirs. Now, I can see she has a few interesting things to talk about - first woman in a presidential race, lives in Alaska, successful career with four kids (?). But apart from that, she was the running mate of the guy who didn't win. Do so many people really want to read her book - and why? (Not trying to stir up political debate from people who like or don't like her - I just wonder if her story is that popular.) And as a non-American, I'm really curious about her appea. I mean $7m....

  2. Gilo profile image57
    Giloposted 8 years ago

    Sorry typo in the headline - should read, How much are Sarah Palin's memoirs really worth?

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    blong72posted 8 years ago

    yea people actually do want to listen to what she has to say. Oprah just had her best ratings in over 2 years when she went on. She has 5 kids btw but apart from that I think she got a bad rap. The interviews where she said "stupid things" was totally set up to appear that way. The media is way "left leaning" and had every intention to make her appear incompetent. Did you know there was about 6 hours of tape with her and Katie Curick? If she was liberal and ran with Obama it would have been a whole different story and outlook. Don't let ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc influence your opinion. They are all notoriously left and skew things their way. And that is the truth!

  4. davidseeger profile image59
    davidseegerposted 7 years ago

    Geraldine A. Ferraro was the first woman from a major pollitical party to run for vice-president of the U.S. She was the Democratic party nominee in 1984. She didn't have nearly the political afterlife that Gov. Palin has had and may yet have. Most predict a short political future for her. I suspect predictions of her early political demise may be wishful thinking. Personally, I don't support her and I will not be buying her book, but I see a large segment of the population who are attracted by her style and feistyness.

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    RCAugustposted 5 years ago

    She is not the first woman in a US Presidential Race.

    The Equal Rights Party nominated women's suffragette Victoria Claflin Woodhull for U. S. President in 1872, with former negro slave Frederick Douglass as her running mate.

    Sarah Palin ran for Vice President in 2008 with U. S. Senator John McCain.

    Anyone who gives $7 million for Sarah Palin's memoirs is obviously the kind of person who might also secretly buy an adult video star's soiled underwear, billed and shipped discreetly.  That person is capitalizing on Palin's physical appearance but certainly not on her intelligence. 

    By the way, her "reality" TV series, "Sarah Palin's Alaska," wasn't that popular, either.  It was cancelled after 9 episodes even though they averaged about 3.2 million viewers.  Even The Learning Channel had enough of her unlearned behavior and her tendency to go on guided tours that didn't require a brain -- not that she really acted like she had one. 

    Tina Fey nailed Sarah Palin dead on Saturday Night Live, getting laughs just by delivering Palin's own schtick exactly as Palin herself did.  Appearance aside, Tina's acting ensured there was virtually no difference between her character and Sarah herself.

    Sarah Palin's memoirs would have to be ghostwritten and re-written before anyone could pay attention.  After all, her physical appearance screams louder than her rants ever could.  Bimbo is as bimbo does.

    Meanwhile, I'm sticking with the US Constitution Party, founded by fellow Christians who are tired of being stuck with major political party candidates who never listen to us until election time, when we get sick of listening to them.