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Considering crime, poverty, etc. stats, how did the world become such a mess?

  1. Vessel of Justice profile image55
    Vessel of Justiceposted 8 years ago

    Considering crime, poverty, etc. stats, how did the world become such a mess?

    If 80% of the world's population claims to be religious, many of which focus on good works for righteousness, how is the world in the unjust, self-centered, greed-filled state that it is in?

  2. J D Murrah profile image60
    J D Murrahposted 8 years ago

    Although much of the world is 'religious' it is erroneous to assume that that means there is altruism or love in their religions. Some view bad events as 'karma',the will of a deity or bad energy rather than as an event that offers an opportunity for love and reaching out. In some belief systems it is not against their religion to do something bad (as in crime) to those of other religions. In their system, they are not doing bad, they are abiding by the rules of their religion.

    Also keep in mind, that some religions are self-centered. In such religious systems, the person is doing nothing wrong by being self-centered and greedy. Within such a religion, they are adhering to its tenets. The first tenant of such religions is "Do what thou wilt". In other words, do what you want to do.

    Even among the religions that 'talk' about doing good works, some have clauses that allow them to lie or cheat or be hostile to those of other beliefs while still claiming the accolades of 'good works'. There are also some religious systems that do not view poverty as bad. Things such as poverty are seen as an accepted part of life or 'fate'. Such a mindset is not new. Even during the Roman empire, some people were viewed as 'fated' to lives of poverty in the eyes of the Roman religious establishment. Poverty is also subjective, depending on which nation and culture one is a part of. What is viewed as poverty in America would be living well in many other nations.

    In terms of 'how' it became such a mess, it has always been in a mess. In terms of standards of living, the world now is much better than life during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages were much better than many early civilizations. Assuming that things are a mess now is also subjective. People are living better now than they have in the previous 1000 years.

  3. EdG. profile image59
    EdG.posted 8 years ago

    Religion has nothing to do with righteousness. It is merely an archaic relic of humanity's past that should have been placed in the history books with the coming of modern science. Most religions make incredibly irrational assumptions about life, existence, morality, etc. and when human's base their lives on systems not based in reason then they are likely to behave unreasonably. Hence, we have all the problems you mentioned in spades despite the supposed purpose of religions today. In fact, religion exacerbates these problems more than it aids in their resolution.

    A simpler reason for the state of the world, however, might be massive population growth coupled with a complete disregard for the term "finite resources."

  4. profile image49
    whyguysposted 7 years ago

    It's NOT 'religion' it's GOD that you're forgetting.

    Have you not heard this is a fallen world and those in it are sinners in need of redemption.  Know also the world's suffering shall ALWAYS be with us until He returns.

    Do NOT get caught up in ONLY a 'social gospel'... because you've fed or clothed or aided someone poor, hungry, cold or broken does NOT mean he has found salvation... he's merely only comfortable until those whose resources or fortunes supporting him dissipate... that is unless YOU'VE HELPED HIM FIND SUSTENANCE of an eternal nature.

    We are not called to force others to do anything.  We are only called to do what we can as individuals. 

    Do not look to others and that in particular includes government.

    What have YOU done today?