The older I get the more I hate politics any one else feel me?

  1. Mixedminded profile image55
    Mixedmindedposted 8 years ago

    The older I get the more I hate politics any one else feel me?

    How could we be in a war where,our guys are dying weekly to start.In a country where we allowed(Bush) them to elect a president.Who's brother is one of the biggest drug dealer in to world.Oh did I mention he's on the CIA payroll.I'm done...So let me get this straight we sponsor drug trade.We catch maybe 5-10% of drug coming in to US.Wait, then we put people here in jail for dealing and usage.That we supply/fund with my tax money...Can someone easy my pain with someone real facts that we research ?

  2. Explore Politics profile image54
    Explore Politicsposted 8 years ago

    I'm no expert but illegal drugs can be quite lucrative and attractive for rich-country governments. Here is why:
    The celebrities and elite citizens will always seek the use of drugs. They are the 'real' dealers and users.
    The rest of the population despises drugs and all of its related crime, violence and social breakdown. Thus public will to defeat drugs is established, for example the 'War on Drugs'.
    Now here is where it gets interesting because those in power will obviously benefit from more power as a result of the crackdown on drugs.
    So what we have is a system which feeds on the effects of drug dealing/usage and on anti-drug measures.
    The government of the day will always 'try' to eradicate drugs but will never try hard enough, simply because there is too much profit involved, both financially and in terms of authority and control.

  3. GNelson profile image78
    GNelsonposted 7 years ago

    Politicians only care about getting re-elected.  They don't care much about drugs and that legislative stuff.  And yes, the older I get the less I like politicians and politics.