What is the difference between the Pope and Ceasar? How are they the same?

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  1. Mikel G Roberts profile image71
    Mikel G Robertsposted 13 years ago

    What is the difference between the Pope and Ceasar? How are they the same?

    They both claim to be God on earth or God's representitive on earth. They both require absolute obedience... They both are "in office" until death. They are both elected by the "senate". They both rule from Rome...

  2. Caerleon profile image60
    Caerleonposted 13 years ago

    The Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church.  This church was established well after the Roman Empire we think of.  In reality this church replaced the Roman Empire after the Empire fell. 

    A Caesar is the Title held by the ruler of the Roman Empire, the Emperor.  Most people think of just Julius Caesar as "Caesar".  He was never the Emperor but the Dictator. He was the original 'Ceasar" if you will. The Emperors after Julius Caesar  also had  the title "Caesar".

    Some of the similarities are that the men with theses titles ruled much of the same territory.  They could be ruthless in there policies to control the people. They also felt they could live by different rules then everyone else.  For example there were several Popes that had children although the Roman Catholic church demands a vow of Chastity from it's clergy.

    You stated that they claimed to be God on earth.  This is not entirely true.  The Roman Emperors did.  They were part of a polytheistic culture.  As long as the people recognized the Emperor as a God, they could practice any other religion they chose.  They had a problem with the Christians because at that time,the Christians were intolerant of any other religion. The Pope and the leaders he controlled felt they were the word of God.  They were speaking for God but were not actually God.  There was only One God and he lived in Heaven.

    The Emperors of Rome ruled through military force.  The Pope's rule was a more indirect rule, by controlling the leaders that were part of the Roman Catholic Church.  This church was the only church in Europe for many centuries.  In the 1500 there was the Protestant Reformation and the church had to fight to survive.  At that time it started to change into the Pope of today where most countries have a clear separation on state and religion.

    This is a very complicated subject that spans thousands of years of history.  You might want to read one of the "Idiot" guides about the "Roman Empire" and/or the "Roman Catholic Church"

  3. profile image49
    Robb077posted 12 years ago

    Ceasar was the pope during his time. Jesus said "don't call any man your father"....he was refering to Ceasar. Ceasar wore the same clothes as the pope today. The pontiff maximus and the religions of Mitra and Cyble were combined with Jesus teachings to form the universal religion, catholic. There was a homeland security issue. 10% of rome was in jail for adhering to the teachings of Jesus. No room for violent criminals left. The country was being invaded by barbarians. One combined religion was the solution. All done around 325 ad. Pontiff Maximus (pope) remained in charge.

  4. Rey Jaso profile image61
    Rey Jasoposted 10 years ago

    The Roman Catholic Church is the most clever deception introduced to mankind.
    We can start at 70 A.D. to the present, the Roman army under General Titus invaded the City of Jerusalem. The intent has always been the same since then to the present day Vatican, Power! The Temple of Janus was given a facelift as well as the statue of Jupiter and the statue of Venus. The statue of Jupiter was re-named St. Peter, statue of Venus was re-named the Virgin Mary. This is a distorted version of the biblical Virgin Mary. However the intent was to conquer  and deceive the world. So let us jump to 1541............

    The Society of Jesus organized by Loyola in 1541.

    The counter-reformation to the protestant movement, The Council of Trent and many more counter-reformations, all revised from the original Council of Trent to the present day Council of Churches acheiving the same goal, conquer, but with more sophistication, Jesuit infiltration into the protestant denominations.  All with the same intent, Power!
    The Inquisition, The Crusaders........

    In our present day politics, economics, entertainment industry, the Vatican is very active behind the scenes in all levels of our society. The Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Trilateral Commission, The CFR, CIA, FBI, many numerous branches and agencies are all connected to the Vatican, all with the same intent and goal from the early days.


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