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I am someone with more wisdom than knowledge. I'm complicated. I see things differently than most. I wrote these Hubs to explain how I see the world.

Ultimately I am looking for what we are all looking for, acceptance, from the world, and from the person that loves me on the deepest level. Friendship is not something I've ever had much luck at, but I continue to hope ........So........ Hello, I'm Mikel

My Time as a Professional Killer


I Can Scientifically Prove God Exists:

If there are more than one forms of life and they are not identical, then one must be the lesser. If there is a lowest form of life, then there must be a highest form of life. The highest form of life (whatever that is) is the Supreme Being... commonly called God.

God LOVES diversity.

The more variations there are in creation the more God likes it. God also created the Racists however and I believe that is so we don't, as a species, become so mixed that we lose the diversity. God wants some pure whites, some pure blacks, some pure forms of each race. God also wants every possible combination of mixed races to exist. That is why God joins, in the bond of love, people from different races, and why some cannot stand the thought of mixing races. Racists are in every race, as God intended, they just need to lose the hate and accept that God knows what God is doing, even when what God is doing isn't what they want.

In the end, it will be God's way... all POWERFUL... remember.

Knowing Me...A Piece in God's Puzzle


-Mikel's third law of motion:
Motion is only possible when the involved forces are not equal and opposite.


How to build a better mousetrap

Until a candidate is approved by the wealthy, they will not receive the necessary funds to run for office. Call the gathering of the necessary funds the true election, because that is what it is.

Which means we get to choose any candidate they want... with our secondary votes.

How to Create a Better Nation...a Better Social System

Even just a little-bit better... IS better..

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