The disaster In Haiti was horrible... But isn't it important to focus on Americ

  1. jaymessamu profile image54
    jaymessamuposted 8 years ago

    The disaster In Haiti was horrible... But isn't it  important to focus on America?

    The Katrina disater... Unemployment...Foreclosures.. Things that are important here in America?

  2. userjavid profile image55
    userjavidposted 8 years ago

    All you know that Haiti disaster was horrible and it should be focused. America is important but it is not as important as Haiti. All world powers should help Haiti for reconstruction work. Only focus on America would be injustice to the rest of the world. Although American Disasters are important but we should prefer those problems first which are most important. Haiti is in need of our joint collaboration under the UN charter. It is legally and morally our duty to help Haiti.

  3. briannacc22 profile image55
    briannacc22posted 8 years ago

    I do agree that the quake in Haiti was a tragedy and i do believe that we should help in any way that we can. But i also think that We as the united states of America should have the resources available to aide our own people, our financial state is so bad that we barely have the means to support our own people and in many ways we dont. this to me simply should not be, with the education and resources that we have, our government should be more than able to meet our needs as well as aide other countries, but unfortunately due to poor management and selfish ambitions, this is not the case.