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Can someone tell me how many republican governors refused stimulus money?

  1. SOBF profile image77
    SOBFposted 8 years ago

    Can someone tell me how many republican governors refused stimulus money?

  2. pmccray profile image76
    pmccrayposted 8 years ago

    According to the website below not a single one.  I find this hysterical and not surprising. 

    For all their huffing and puffing all gave in, because they knew the money was needed.  In my "red" state we've improved our roadways almost 100% and with our  bad winters it was much needed and supplied lots of jobs. 

    All called the money "socialist money" not one person in this country really knows what socialism is about, because we've never experienced it.  But guaranteed with the new Supreme Court ruling its on the way, but it won't be government socialism it will be "Corporate" socialism. 

    http://www.insidestl.com/insideSTL/Comm … Money.aspx

  3. commisioner profile image56
    commisionerposted 8 years ago

    i have not checked on it but for listening to the news. i can say that about 11 states have not took the money. ours did unfortunately. what happened next that affected me personally was something i am trying to fight our state over. most states have a brand of cigarettes that are only sold in that particular state. here in florida we have 2-3. my brand,305's, is one of them. they are not suppose to be taxed by the feds. that's the reason they are so much cheaper.when the name brands were 28.00 mine were 12.00. but because "prime time charlie" crist took the feds money, the last .61 tax per pack from the feds were put on our state brands. taking the money has a price.
    we were sent a stimulus check by gw and by barry. we sent them both back. we were also offered 6200 bucks for buying a house in 08. we refused that as well. i just did my taxes and i made 7500 last year. we are not rich but live within our means. i do believe that anyone who takes the money sells themselves to the powers that be and make themselves much to reliant on the government. i am poor, happy and free.

  4. JOE BARNETT profile image59
    JOE BARNETTposted 8 years ago

    Well not sure how many but, in Texas there is a guy named rick perry(r) the governor. He refused the money initially. The Texas congress, democrat and republican, quickly put together a resolution that would bypass the governor. finally he accepted the money. This is the same republican clown that wants to seceed the state ha ha ha, poor texans.  Southern republicans and the land of paranoia, whew!