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The Ratio Of Men To Women In United Arab Emirates And Qatar Is 5:2. Would You Ag

  1. ngureco profile image84
    ngurecoposted 7 years ago

    The Ratio Of Men To Women In United Arab Emirates And Qatar Is 5:2. Would You Agree To Work...

    There If Offered A Well Paying Job? What Are The Dangers Of Such High Ratio Of Men To A Country? Is There A Possibility That Girls Going There To Worker As Domestic Workers From Developing Countries May Actually Be Going There To Take Care Of These Men?

  2. nettech profile image60
    nettechposted 7 years ago

    I think the question is generalising about womens role in the UAE.  The reason why there is such a high ratio of men is because of the property boom in the late 1990's.  As a result, the Emirate was looking for cheap labour primarily from south Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  As someone who visits the UAE regularly and has first hand experience of what goes on out there, there will obviously be a portion of those women that DO go there to service the wealthy as maids etc, however, because of the fact that there is cheap labour from developing countries such as the Philipines, many of these women take jobs in places such as retail etc. 

    If you walk into most fast food chains you will be served by a Fillipino woman in most cases.  If you go into any hotel, you will most likely be served by a Fillipino again.  Very few women and men from the western world will go to the UAE to serve fries and burgers and do low paid jobs.

    However, woman are now moving over to the UAE from the UK/USA to mediocre and high paid opportunities, I run the UK's largest Dubai based forum  (http://www.dubaiforum.co.uk) and have women that ask questions about looking for work all the time.

    So from my perspective, the answer to your question would be a resounding no.

    Great question though and def one that got me wanting to type.

    Hope this gets the debate going!


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    Always Greenerposted 7 years ago

    Women in those countries have a lower status/role - and the odds you have just mentioned would make it even less appealing for a rational, mature woman to enter that kind of situation looking for work.

    I would run for the hills if I was a women who was offered work there.  Working as a shop assistant here would be better even, than a "high level" role there.

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    MikeJones76posted 7 years ago

    Would you really want to live in a place where you do time for PDA i.e. kissing in public? You see, there are things money can't buy.

    BTW love'd your hub on What You Should Never Tell Your Man. There should be one about what men should tell their women! smile

    Good luck!