why the government doesn't want to legalize marijuana? Do you think marijuana sh

  1. democrate1990 profile image56
    democrate1990posted 7 years ago

    why the government doesn't want to legalize marijuana?
    Do you think marijuana should be legal?

  2. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    it should definetly be legal, i'm still trying to figure out how it is illegal but alcohol isn't. personally i'm sick of governments telling me what i can and can't put in my body but that's just me.

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    directrespectposted 4 years ago

    Marijuana is kept illegal under the guise that it intoxicates people. People who support marijuana being illegal basically believe that people should not be allowed to ingest the plant because it intoxicates them. Of course... this is merely the surface, its the mask to divert from the real reason.

    The government and corporations don't care if you get intoxicated. Hell, they welcome it with open arms! People drive themselves nuts wondering why such a harmless plant could stay illegal while things like alcohol and nicotine are legal. The answer is Hemp.

    There are strains of marijuana that contain no THC whatsoever but no matter they are still illegal in the USA. These strains of the plant are used to make Hemp and Hemp seed oil. Since Marijuana is federally illegal no company or corporation can use Hemp for industrial purposes. In short, the products made from Hemp are of superior quality and durability which boils down to less consumption from the masses (eaters) and a big fail for hopeful recurring profits.

    Hemp can be made into: plastic, food, paper, building materials, fuel, and clothing. Each of these products made from hemp are far superior then anything on the market. They are better quality and last longer which = loss profits. Marijuana is easy to grow, it will grow in almost any climate in all 50 states. It needs no pesticides and can grow resiliently even with minimum water.

    The people who founded this country used Hemp. The constitution was drafted on hemp paper which lasts hundreds of years without decomposing or yellowing, Instead of cultivating hemp for paper we deforest our country hurting the environment blow by blow. Why? Money. Greed. Loss of profits. Loss of control.

    Check out my article on the subject:
    http://directrespect.hubpages.com/hub/U … thing?done