Barack Obama has been in office for over a year and a half; can you name promise

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  1. Abecedarian profile image74
    Abecedarianposted 8 years ago

    Barack Obama has been in office for over a year and a half; can you name promises that he's kept...

    to the American people? I'm not talking about right wing spoutings, but actual campaign promises that he made to the American people and was elected on and how they are affecting you or someone you know.

  2. JOE BARNETT profile image60
    JOE BARNETTposted 8 years ago

    yes, health care reform for one which eliminates the arbitrary price hiking of insurance policies this move also ended the previous condition clause that put many americans at risk.  if you lost your job before and had a health condition, you would not be able to acquire new insurance that would cover it. losing a job could be a death sentence. your children can now stay on it till 26 if necessary unlike before. it also ended children that grew up with a health condition from being kicked off insurance at age 18. wall street reform which is what caused all of this will now be more closely watched.banking reform just to name a few. he no longer wears the blinders that bush wore. obama is actually there to help the people and make the country better.he ended iraq (which was an illegal war we attacked them for nothing) just as he said and right when he said he would. the jobs market is on the rise and will continue to rise through 2011.he prevented general motors from going belly up and didn't take it over. he has accomplished this inspite of the process stopping republicans. can you imagine how far we could have come if everyone had worked together?
    these are substantial changes, if they were not the republicans would not be trying to return "everything" to it's previous form.GREED

  3. SentMe profile image60
    SentMeposted 8 years ago

    I have some concern for the health care reform.  My biggest concern is the funding of medical services. Once health care is federally regulated, who pays the funds for research, the employees, the equipment? What happens if there is a malpractice? You can't sue the government, so how will families be compensated? Will illegals still receive free treatment (which of course I am highly against)?

    I agree that the insane fluctuations of insurance premiums, misguiding policies and coverages is asinine . People born with diabetes have a hard time finding an insurance company to cover them.  So, in a sense, the reform could be beneficial to them and to other disorders as well. 

    I will not touch the subject of war because it is indeed a touchy subject. Especially to me, personally being a vet of three tours in Iraq.

    I will though, encourage you to visit a local Veteran's Administration clinic or hospital.  This is a perfect view of universal health care.  This system has been implemented since 1930 and only reached cabinet status since 1985. That is quite the gap and the amount of patients through the wars is less than the population of the United States. The amount of manpower to detect fraudulent claims, provide a medical board, review patients history, disability raters, medical personnel, compensation boards, congressional reversals, and so on is quite staggering.

    If we could find a solution that could avoid the disaster in the VA for a reform, then there is a huge possibility of implementing bill.

  4. Abecedarian profile image74
    Abecedarianposted 8 years ago

    For beginners, I believe that is the problem with the Health Care Reform. People have been mis-informed to instill uncertainty. The Public Option did not go through. It is NOT government insurance. It's still your existing insurance companies, you as a person will be able to haggle with them like you would when you buy a car and get lower rates. Right now your employer negotiates policy and usually it's done so "they" save money, which means you pay more on your end and you get less coverage. (Been there done that). And I have been to a VA Hosptial/Clinic as my husband also served in Iraq. We have an outstanding facility in San Antonio, Texas as well as one in Floresville, Texas.  Under previous administrations they were subpar, but with all the funding they have received, it's amazing at how much it's changed. I remember the days of sitting hours in the waiting room and the equipment looked like something they could have used during WWII. Not anymore. It's amazing what happens when you have the support of our government, rather than just a photo-op and then ignored.

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