Knowing what you do now of the benefits implemented today under Health Care Refo

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    Abecedarianposted 7 years ago

    Knowing what you do now of the benefits implemented today under Health Care Reform, do you still...

    oppose it? Are you affected by them in any way?

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    Thesourceposted 7 years ago

    A Harvard study once found that about 45,000 die in a year in the US because of the lack of health coverage. Of course millions of other suffer the pain from the sickness.

    The biggest contributor of bankruptcy in US  is medical bills. Now almost 75% of this group have health insurance. US manufacturing and business is suffering due to higher health premium. Our exports are not competitive because of that. Small business are suffering because they cannot provide health insurance.

    When companies routinely lay-off workers to improve their profit margin. Workers who find difficulty is paying premiums, co-payment, deductible even when they have a job, have more difficulty in paying the cobra-payments. These payments are even higher than their mortgage and they have not visited the doctor yet.

    I cannot understand why existing health care in the US is so great.
    I have experienced the wonder of universal health care in other countries. It is so wonderful compared to what is in the US.
    They never worry about bills or have to raise funds for someone who is sick. Words like co-payment, deductibles, premiums, medical bills, prescription bills don't exist there. Anyone who is sick is eligible

    Please reform our health care system, it is the most unaffordable system that everyone needs. Health should not be for profit. It is be on a cost basis. Government run health care is the best option for US.
    What Americans do not know is that the government can leverage drug companies to bring down cost.

    In the end you may end up paying say $50 more in taxes for universal health care  by the government. This will prevent several thousands of dollar in high profit business health care system. Money is money whether you call it taxes or payment to corporations., I rather prefer paying that $50 dollars more in taxes that paying thousands of dollars into the pocket private insurance corporations for the same services. It is unethical to make huge profits on the backs of the sick and those who are suffering.

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