Where did etiquette run away to?

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  1. Jason R. Manning profile image81
    Jason R. Manningposted 8 years ago

    Where did etiquette run away to?

    Seriously folks, I am all for a healthy difference of opinion, but one doesn’t attend a book signing to berate the author with rapacious intent.  I am cognizant that some lament the veracity for which I attack subjects, but why would one reply with repugnant statements for all others to see if you want dialogue?  Does this even resonate with you?

  2. profile image0
    MountnDewposted 8 years ago

    Jason your guess is as good as mine. I think the world has just become too fast paced for people to care anymore. Too much effort.

    I'm often shocked by the expressions on peoples faces both men and women who I will go out of my way to hold a door open for. Just the way I was raised,which could have a lot to do with it as well.

  3. John B Badd profile image61
    John B Baddposted 8 years ago

    You lost me with "cognizant that some lament the veracity" but I am too lazy or tired (not sure witch) to use a dictionary right now.
    To answer your first question I think lack of self respect and lack of respect for others has caused a loss of etiquette in our society.  Tradition and ceremonious actions are nearly a forgotten memory in our high speed world of blue teeth and twits. 
    Why should they be polite to a stranger when they are busy texting today's "bff" or talking to a possible "hook up?" 
    It is sad but it is o' so true.

  4. ryancarter profile image61
    ryancarterposted 8 years ago

    Meh, don't be a public figure if you can't handle some backlash.  You might try to spend a few hours in the Hubpages forums to toughen your skin a little. 

    Now, having said that, I'm sure that this was probably more than your garden-variety repugnancies.  Without further details, I can merely say that those who cognize their own lamentable views should expect some form of argument, veracious or not.

  5. Jason R. Manning profile image81
    Jason R. Manningposted 8 years ago

    Hi John, good call on our 'plugged in' society.  Joking aside, I am surprised there are not more pedestrian accidents with all this distraction.

    Ryan - thanks for leaving a comment, you missed the point of my question.  It isn't the insult, its the lack of proper engagement to begin a serious conversation.  I understand some are acting like snipers, I expect that from the below 20 crowd, but not 'adults'  I live in Arizona, carry a bible and a gun, my skin is plenty thick friend.  Sometimes we need to point out the obvious and remind other decent people of the same.  Thanks again.

    MD - Great point, all to true.  When I spent a week in downtown Seattle, it was amazing how many people refuse to give eye contact.  I had to keep looking in the mirror to make sure I wasn't green or invisible.  Thank you for adding to this conversation.

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