Of the states challenging the Health law in Court, how many of them had their Se

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    FitnezzJimposted 7 years ago

    Of the states challenging the Health law in Court, how many of them had their Senators vote for it?

    Senators were originally intended to represent the positions of their state's legislatures.  This question is aimed at understanding how many lawsuits could have been avoided if they had done so, rather than showing a greater allegiance to their party.  Taxpayer dollars are wasted when states legally pursue undoing laws that would not have passed if Senators had been fulfillig the original role intended for them in our government.

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    Wealthmadehealthyposted 7 years ago

    A valid question.....

    We have had many divisions and changes in our government since this bill was "made" into law.   

    In discovering the answer to it, and knowing that it would not have been passed unless some of the nays were changed to yays with monetary bribes and calling in favors owed in the last moments before the voting,  the answer to this is yet unfolding.   

    The list of states as I have it are these:

    Idaho - No
    Texas - No
    Maine - No
    Montana - No
    Oregon - Dems voted yes, but have since changed their position.
    Nebraska  - R vote No,   D  - yes
    Wyoming - No
    New Hampshire  R vote No,  Dem  Yes.

    I, at this writing, for some reason am unable to come up even after Googling this matter, with a complete listing of all 27 States involved in the nullification.   

    I do however know that the voting would have not gone in the manner it did, had the bribery process not been involved, such is the way of the political world.   

    The full knowledge of the power which was granted to the government as to the control of the people was not discovered due to the fact that noone actually had time to read the monstrous bill which grew larger and larger and the vote should not have been taken until all had read it.     As to violation of our 10th Amendment, this is a true fact and any state, no matter how it voted has the right to nullify the decision made.   

    If anyone is able to provide a complete list of the states involved, I would be better able to provide the divided results.   But as the list is growing on a daily basis, this would be a daily process.   

    Thank you Fitnezz Jim for this question.  It may prompt people to look better into how their state voted and to keep better contact with their Senators and House Reps.   

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co … 00943.html

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