Is there anything you like apart from politics.

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    gbolahanposted 7 years ago

    Is there anything you like apart from politics.

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    peterxdunnposted 7 years ago

    Hi gbolahan

    Sorry about the delay - I'm having problems with my email.

    Your question: to be honest I do not really 'like' politics - I write about political issues because we can no longer allow politicians to have a free reign over what happens in the political/economic arena. We: free thinking men/women of goodwill, really do have an obligation to alert our fellow men/women - most of  whom aren't paying close enough attention to what is being done in their name - to the true nature of the threat that confronts us. The world is being taken over by the banking elite and democracy is a sham. In politics you have a 'left' and a 'right'. In reality they are the two sides of the same coin - it doesn't matter which you vote for - either way you still end up with the same coin.

    I do have other interests - my main one (hobby) is sequencing music (if I can call it that) using midi and audio sequencing software: I use Propellerhead Reason and Cakewalk Sonar.

    I also follow all things UFO - if you read my hubs you will know why.

    Another field of interest is alternative technology. Here I am trying to promote an idea of my own for a new concept in wind turbine design (see pic). I have set out my ideas for this project in a pdf document that can be downloaded here: … -749k?da=y

    If you know anybody with knowledge of CAD or from an engineering background that could develop my ideas further please pass this document on to them.

    I would be very much obliged.

    All the best