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Does America need another revolution?

  1. haroldwilson1985 profile image60
    haroldwilson1985posted 7 years ago

    Does America need another revolution?

    It's quite obvious that our country is headed down a destructive path. Does America need another revolution?

  2. GNelson profile image77
    GNelsonposted 7 years ago

    The revolution we need is for voters to quit voting against their own best interests.

  3. Wayne Brown profile image82
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    No...because by suggesting that alternative suggests that you might not understand the basis of the first revolution.  America was not revolting against itself in the 1700's...it was revoluting against the rule of England and the church. To raise such a question would suggest that there are outside influences in our country which require revolution.  At best, please, suggest a Civil War...at least that is more in line with the divisions within our country.

    America is a country lost at the present because far too many Americans do not know the history of their own country. We have an ignorant educated public who are demanding things that they do not understand.  We have a public which has allowed a government to run out of control for years on end under every party flag and now we wake up and find ourselves mired in debt...and you want a revolution. Please, how about just trying to restore sanity to our process...that would be a major step forward which revolution will never accomplish. WB

  4. nightwork4 profile image61
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    whether it needs it or not isn't relevant really. how does one define the need. i think the U.S. is either going to have to change it's way of thinking or a civil war will soon happen. like wayne brown said, not enough people realise what made the U.S. such a great country and now the country is paying for it. It's the same here in canada. people imigrate here but want the culture they left behind which makes no sense to me. if that culture is so good, why the heck is your home country so messed up and why did you come here in the first place.

  5. haroldwilson1985 profile image60
    haroldwilson1985posted 7 years ago

    REVOLUTION; an  overthrow  or  repudiation  and  the thorough  replacement  of  an  established  government  or  political  system  by  the  people governed. 

    With all due respect Wayne Brown, What do you think we are revolting against? And since the colonies were "colonies" of the British empire, they were revolting against their "own" government.(genius) Our country is failing because we are losing jobs to foreign countries, we are losing our land to foreign investors, we are losing our elected officials to the dollar, and noone has the balls to say that "this is wrong!" You do realize that a revolution can happen without bloodshed. You suggested a "Civil War" which guarantees that a lot of Americans die. I'm glad cowboys like you don't run our country anymore Mr. George W. Brown.

    "America is a country lost at the present because far too many Americans do not know the history of their own country."

    Sir, I have no choice but to know my history. Speak for yourself. We need to know what's going on now, cowboy. The backroom antics are going on at this very moment. We, as a country, have to become well-informed.(up-to-the-second) because our elected officials are fast, sneaky, and are as crocked as ever. We have to find a way to keep our government focused and on the ball.(Or else they'll sell out to capitalism)

    @ MickS, if you really don't know what I mean when I say America, then maybe you don't need to answer the question. I can understand being a smart-ass, but everyone else got the question maybe we need to make a special-ed version especially for you.

    @ Valentine Logar, the Tea-Party hasn't done much of anything. They don't even own the Republican Party. If erasing the middle and lower class is the overall objective, then the Tea/GOP party is doing exceptionally well right now.

    @ GNelson, I agree with you whole-heartedly