What strange or interesting quirks do you have?

  1. lmoynihan082 profile image60
    lmoynihan082posted 7 years ago

    What strange or interesting quirks do you have?

    I have so many including talking to myself what's your thing?

  2. izettl profile image95
    izettlposted 7 years ago

    None, I'm perfect. Ha! Just kidding. I have so many too. My quirks and pet peeves probably overlap into making one screwed up individual. I can't have anything around my neck like a turtleneck or necklace. I can't sleep with a top sheet on- just comforter and blanket. I go into a hotel and take off the top sheet right away- can't stand it. I will avoid elevators at all costs. I tell people I take stairs because I like the exercise, but that's not the reason. I weigh out the pros and cons of even miniscule decisions I make. I have to-do lists everywhere. I'm a list person for sure. Well that's enough...

  3. Sunny Barb profile image61
    Sunny Barbposted 7 years ago

    I love the smell of mulch and dirt.  The good news is,  I have had no desire to eat it.  When I am eating out, seeing someone else's crumbs or bawled up napkins, on or under the table or on the seat, creep me out.  When I apply my deoderant I have to do the equal amount of swipes on each side.  If I lose count I have to start over.  So many more, but I will stop for now before they put me on that show, "My Crazy Obsessions."