Is the Mexican Drug War violence visible throughout the country?

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  1. Juan Meza profile image60
    Juan Mezaposted 8 years ago

    Is the Mexican Drug War violence visible throughout the country?

    Because I live in a bordertown I see and hear the violence on the news every day and wonder if this is just local or if the whole country (and other countries) also get a heavy dose?

  2. Mr. Happy profile image84
    Mr. Happyposted 8 years ago

    Well, I live in Canada but this affects us too one way or another. Several years ago, there were some arrests here in Toronto of Mara Salvatrucha members.
    I respect their struggle (the gangs that is.) I respect them because I know that is not a life anyone really wants. Through messed-up circumstances (broken families or simply dysfunctional ones) one may end-up in a gang. Once in - you're in it most of the time for the rest of your life.
    It is a screwed-up opinion in my opinion to give-up on life like that. Gangs never get anywhere really. If they understood that, all would dissolve immediately.
    The system in which we live wants gangs though. The private prisons and jails are posted on Wall St. - the more inmates a prison has, the higher the share will be worth. Plus, jail-bird are used like slaves too - they work for next to nothing, making people profit. Owning a jail/prison is a big business; nobody really cares to get these guys straightened-out. How many people can say that they have tried walking-up and talking to a gang member in their lives?
    (Amigo, welcome to Hubpages.)

  3. Writer David profile image76
    Writer Davidposted 8 years ago

    I live in Alabama.  The drug violence from Mexico is not visible as yet.  However, there was an incident about two years ago in a little town in the central part of the state.  Five Mexican nationals were found hog-tied and their throats slit from ear to ear in their apartment.  Many believe this was a gang retaliation for some offense. However, the police had no proof it was drug gang related.  The drug violence will eventually spread throughout the USA because we have a president who is only giving lip service to the violence that occurs at the border.

  4. Juan Meza profile image60
    Juan Mezaposted 8 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Writer David for your answer. The problem is this, the US President has no real power when it comes to stopping the violence in the Mexican Drug War...just like he doesn't have any power in stopping the violence anywhere else in the world. I think the most he can try to do is take care of the inside of our house before he starts battling the back yard or someone else's yard. I know that the logical solution to stopping the problem is to rid yourself of the infestation in the back yard or even in your neighbor's yard...but what do you do when politics have built a fence too high to climb around your neighbor's fence?  That's the situation here. The US knocks on our neighbor's door and explains that the (let's call it flea infestation) fleas in his yard are jumping over into our yard and causing all sorts of problems. Our neighbor reasons that he has no money to get an exterminator. We offer him the money needed for the proper extermination...not only the money but we offer advice on the best exterminator for the job..even offer to do it ourselves for him. He explains that his wife doesn't take kind to strangers in their that would be out of the question. Rules are rules.  He takes our money and promises to call a professional to deal with the flea infestation. The next day we see him sitting next to a big ice chest full of beer on his porch grilling steaks in his barbecue pit...with our money...and the flea situation is never resolved. The problem with neighbors is that no matter how sweet you talk to them they have a mind of their own and what we consider logical they may consider dumb. Most Mexican politicians that are in the position to receive funds from the US figure that the funds would be better used for filling their pockets as opposed to throwing it into an endless well. What to do...what to do?


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