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The British Monarchy. Good or bad?

  1. builtoncupsoftea profile image60
    builtoncupsofteaposted 6 years ago

    The British Monarchy. Good or bad?

    The British Monarchy is a bloodline thats been around for hundreds of years, it's known worldwide and brings in over £500m each year through tourism, but is it good or bad that people are born into riches and royalty?


  2. Bubblegum Senpai profile image89
    Bubblegum Senpaiposted 6 years ago

    Even if there were no monarchy, people would still get born into riches and aristocracy - Paris Hilton for example.

    As far as whether the monarchy itself is good or bad, I see no problem with it until we get King Charles.

  3. builtoncupsoftea profile image60
    builtoncupsofteaposted 6 years ago

    There's a difference between being born into the riches of a Hotel-chain empire and being born into a Monarchy funded by a countries government though.

    Personally I think that the Monarchy is so rich in tradition and British heritage that you can't really put a price on it, but I just wondered what peoples views were on it.

    Have to agree about Charles though.. The guy is a plonker.

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    Old Empresarioposted 6 years ago

    It's a little of both, but the idea either way is irrelevant. The upside to a monarchy is that you don't get politicians clamoring to destroy their own country and society in order to be head of state for four years; the way you do in a republic. The downsides to a monarchy are obvious and numerous. In the contemporary monarchy, you still get ambitious politicians who want to control the government. Prior to that, dirty policking took place among the monarch's council and retainers. Basically, any system where people can work toward power or where people can be born into power are doomed to fail. We saw the age of nobility and kings eventually fail. We are currently seeing the age of republics failing. So what works? State power should be decentralized, its leaders should be selected randomly from among the populace, and they should serve for short periods of time. In order to keep the military or professional bureaucracy from controlling a government led by the ignorant masses, you will need a semi-professional bureaucracy put in place through mandatory national service. The government is the people. The people are the state. My guess is that public education will magically start getting a whole lot better since voting would no longer exist.