What is your opinion of the occupy movement?

  1. Tonu1973 profile image60
    Tonu1973posted 6 years ago

    What is your opinion of the occupy movement?

    Is it a group of nouveau hippies or is it a movement that will change the face of government forever?

  2. dadibobs profile image60
    dadibobsposted 6 years ago

    After briefly looking into the occupy movement, the figures involved would indicate a real number of people with real issues. Yet it's difficult to discover what their actual goal is. The 99% slogan indicates the desire to spread the richest 1%'s wealth accross the board, surely they would have better results actually using the election system to ensure their success. Also the demostrations in Tahir square have been included in their list of succesful 'sittings', I thought Tahir square was regarding oppression and the removal of a dictator?
    I think the only way for them to change governments, is to become governments, apart from that they need to clarify what it is they actually want.

    sorry for the long winded answer, but it's a difficult question lol

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    Old Empresarioposted 6 years ago

    I like what they are trying to do, but they have got it all wrong; at least in the US. The financial powers that be and whole Wall Street culture is deeply woven into our society. The us vs. them, "top 1%-ers", whatever you want to call them, have always been around and that caste goes way back to before the American Revolution to the days of John Smith and Virginia Colony. We are a nation founded on an obsession with money. Peeling that away would be difficult and would probably take nothing less than a civil war. I imagine many protesters would take a job as a stock broker on Wall Street if you offered it to them. It runs that deep in us.
    I would propose an alternate course of action to protest something else first; something that is not only NOT a part of the American character, but has only been around for about 60 years and is financially destroying our country just as much as the recession. I'm talking about the military industrial complex of the US. Protest until the military hegemony ends. The demanded goals should be to 1) Place the nation back on a peacetime economy; 2) withdraw all troops and US bases from all nations all over the world--even Korea, Germany, and Afghanistan. 3) Place the US Air Force under the Army as the "US Army Air Corps", 4) Elevate the Secretary of Army and Secretary of Navy to cabinet positions and disband the Secretary of Defense and non-uniformed DOD agencies; 5) Reorganize and shrink the US Army to about 300,000 active duty troops. 6) Cut the budget down to peacetime levels not seen since the 1930s. 6) Disband the Dept of Homeland Security and distribute its agenies.