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Do you consider yourself a "conspiracy theorist" ? Why or.. why not?

  1. Ana Teixeira profile image83
    Ana Teixeiraposted 6 years ago

    Do you consider yourself a "conspiracy theorist" ? Why or.. why not?

    By "conspiracy theorist" I mean: Do you believe that there is a powerful group controlling everything we do? Have you watched documentaries such as Zeitgeist the movie for example?


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    markbennisposted 6 years ago

    Hello Ana,

    If you read some of my hubs you might label me a conspiracy theorist and I guess others would too.  To me the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ is a dirty word and I personally would refer to myself as a truth seeker or more precisely in line with my interests I would say that it is a path to an awakening.

    To be honest I have never seen Zeitgeist although I have heard its name a few times, I have though watched or read many different movies, articles, stories and peoples confessions and findings and it all happened more in line as synchronicity then anything.

    I find that I am deeply driven to find answers to my inner pull or intuition and find myself on a journey of discoveries and learning of what is or might be?  Unfortunately but probably as well, it is a dark path to follow and can be lonely and testing because it is in an arena that can blow your mind!

    Me personally I am drawn to it because therein lies the answers to my internal knowing, it is a journey that I find I have to take, but remember knowledge conquers fear, that is true for there is a vast area in that realm that don’t really know but are trying to really know and in not knowing great fear will always grow.

    Even after all that I have found and am still journeying through there is a great lie going on and has been for a very long time, this is my personal opinion of course, for some it is another way to have a frill, you know just enjoying the drama and suspense and that is there free choice and for others it is a place where they can manipulate your beliefs and mislead you into areas that are not good places to be.

    If you find that you are motivated to it just by attraction then a word of the wise, let caution be your friend but if your heart is pure, then may your speed be great!

    These are some wise words that I have been blessed with this week,
    Respectfully, Mark...

  3. Ana Teixeira profile image83
    Ana Teixeiraposted 6 years ago

    Well.. First of all i apologize for my choice of words but I didn't know that "conspiracy theorist" could be considered offensive at all. I, myself enjoy searching  for the truth. Regardless of the contents of that truth. If you haven't watched zeitgeist the movie.. I would recomend it. No doubt. There are 3 of the. Zeitgeist the movie. zeigeist addendum, zeitgeist moving foward. I would recommend the first one above the rest of them. I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist at all. I am simply curious as to what motivates certain events and I am not prepared to "swallow" any official information just because "somebody on TV said it". But neither am I prepared to accpet any conspiracy theory as the truth. I believe we should look at all the sides and all the facts first.. and then make up our OWN minds about it. I appreciate that fact that you took the time to answer this question. Most people disregard it because they believe what they see is the truth. I believe what we FEEL is eventually the truth. Regardless of whether it is considered a conspircy theory or not.

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    Indigitalposted 6 years ago

    Everything I've seen as a conspiracy has major flaws. The Illuminati just annoys me, an elite group of pop-stars, yeah...Of course, many may argue that there is more to the Illuminati then just the pop-stars, but surely you must understand that the Illuminati was a organisation founded 300 years ago by a very rich-man, who tried to create a legion of Scientists and Wizards in their field, not a bunch of overpaid singers & celebrities.