Waht`s your opinion on the arab-israel conflict ?

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    margoushyposted 6 years ago

    Waht`s your opinion on the arab-israel conflict ?

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    Lions Den Mediaposted 6 years ago

    Christianity was born approximately 550 years before Islam in the city of Jerusalem. There Christianity was preached to Jews and then the churched moved to Western Europe. So Jerusalem was the birth place of Christianity and Jews. Islam was begun over 500 years later by a self proclaimed prophet known as Mohamed.

    It is apparent that the Islamic religion was created in order to gain and take power from Christians. The so-called Islamic religion is built on hate, murder and complete dominance of all people who do not  believe in Allah. The Islamic belief is that either non-believers convert to Islam or shall be killed.

    The Quran is a book of laws dictating all manners of life as opposed to a religious doctrine prescribing religious thought. I believe it has become Politically Correct to call Islam a "religion" though it truly is less about faith and belief in a higher power and more like a sword legitimizing the brutality and murder of all people. These heathens call themselves religious, but act as brutal murderous thugs against all that challenge their perverted laws and beliefs.

    So as far as the Arab-Israeli conflict goes the Arabs lack legitimate legal standing to demand anything. The Jews and Christianity were being practiced in Jerusalem long before Mohamed was a twinkle in his father's loins. And as for the Palestinians they were essentially a creation in the 1920s. They have no culture or history or tradition. This group was invented by Islamic propagandists, just as Stalin and Hitler claimed Jews were not a real race. However, unlike the Palistinians the Jews have an extensive history. In fact the Palestinians haven't any legitimate knowledge of why they even fight the Jews other than what Arabs tell the ignorant masses  of Palestinians.

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    margoushyposted 6 years ago

    u r wrong ... first of all i m talking about the arab israel conflict and about Islam it wasn't created in order to gain and take power And it's not built on hate or murder  as you claim this is your opinion you can keep it for yourself