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Hi I was caught shoplifting but I never left the store or the fitting room? can

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    Ronnie Perezposted 6 years ago

    Hi I was caught shoplifting but I never left the store or the fitting room? can LP peak in the room?

    I took 2 shirts and a underwear to the fitting room. at first I plan to steal them but after I walk out I had a change of heart, so I came back to the fitting room to put them back. the LP officer was there and told me that I was going to jail and that I shouldnt talk. I try to explain to that I was bringing the items back but he didnt listen and threw me against the floor a cuff me which left me bruises. he said I was resisting but all I was tryin to do is talk to him. I never meant to resist or run.i was put in jail, I have court in a week. was he right to do that? can I do something?

  2. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 6 years ago

    You can say you wanted to know what they felt like to walk in them but they would probably ignore that. If you walked out with all of your belongings, your basically going to pay a fine or be on probation or something.
    Yes, they can sneak in the room. Do you know anything about security systems? They have video camera's in some of the fitting rooms. Especially in the stores at the mall. So yes, they watched you and saw you try the clothing on and walking out with them on.

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    Ronnie Perezposted 6 years ago

    I never walk out of the store though. I just walk out of the fitting room for a minute and then went back. I never attempted to leave the store. I walk back in because it felt wrong and I was going to put them back.

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    rockinjoeposted 6 years ago

    If you physically left the store and then returned, the LP did what any LP would do and take you into custody. As far as assaulting and cuffing you, that's a completely different story.
    I recommend you get an attorney and  ask him to get a look at not only the police report, but also the apprehension report by the store. Something doesn't sound right about this. I would also have your attorney request any video footage available from the incident. It would be beneficial to you to have video of the LP assaulting you. Why you didn't have charges pressed against the LP at the time concerns me.
    You definitely shoplifted. Whether you were bringing the merchandise back or not, does not excuse the crime, but being assaulted by LP is not only wrong, it's criminal. Get this guy.

    Now I see below where you have written that you never left the store. You need a lawyer, now.