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Are there any moves to ban cockfighting in the Philippines?

  1. em_saenz profile image51
    em_saenzposted 6 years ago

    Are there any moves to ban cockfighting in the Philippines?

  2. debugs profile image62
    debugsposted 6 years ago

    I hope so because I think it is terribly disgusting. I doubt if it will be banned in the near future because some members of our medieval Congress (specifically lower house) do gamble and engage in cockfighting. I would rather see them fight among themselves, frankly, than hurt the animals. In fact I SO WISH some of our members of Congress decide to do something like the Gladiators in real life and death (rather than watch defenseless chickens kill each other), it may make the world  a better place.

  3. The Bard profile image72
    The Bardposted 6 years ago

    There is no initiative to ban cockfighting in the Philippines. More's the pity. It's not just the issue that it is a blood sport, but cock farms are rampant in the Philippines and they take up valuable land. They crow and screech continuously, require a great deal of resources and energy - bright lighting is 24/7 - and they are not environmentally friendly.

    That aside, the whole method of the "contest" is offensive. Cocks wear sharp spurs designed to inflict maximum damage. Having seen within the arena of a Colosseum, they are dirty, smelly and gory - engendering hysterical behaviour amongst the crowd. Fighting cocks with spurs is not a pretty sight. Yet, there is much money to be made, and they are part of the indigenous culture. The biggest problem with rural Philippines is the plethora of cock farms. It speaks volumes of the mindset. They are great money spinners, designed to exploit the weak, and to further the nest of the strong. If there is one issue above all others that I have with the Philippines, it is cockfighting.

    I am continually approached by people seeking permission to use my land for cocks.They are sent packing with haste. The prospect of coconut trees, bananas and rambutan and the natural ecology being sacrificed purely for cocks fills me with horror. Yet, I see more and more land being used for cock farms. That clearly indicates that cockfighting is alive and well in the Philippines.

    Cockfighting was banned in the UK in 1823. Few countries still tolerate it. If the Philippines want to enter the civilised world, and be treated as a modern nation which embraces the future, then they need to ban this disgusting practice.

    So petition your president, and ask him some heart-wrenching questions. Ask him how he wants to be an economic powerhouse with natural resources, yet allows his land to be raped by exploitative cock-cartels.