Will France's election of Mr. Hollande make Europe's economic recovery easier or

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    tipstoretireearlyposted 5 years ago

    Will France's election of Mr. Hollande make Europe's economic recovery easier or harder?

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    Lions Den Mediaposted 5 years ago

    This act of stupidity is going to leave a mark on the French people. Apparently there are far too many that believe the purpose of government is to provide a living for people. Those same misguided souls also believe that the government has money. Unfortunately, governments take money from those that have a job or own a business. Hence, when governments begin increasing taxes in order to support the pathetically missguided unwashed masses of human debris that demand government intervention from craddle to grave, will become the enslaved that are eliminated first when the government can no longer support the masses.

    Elections have consequences and many of which are unintended. And one of those unintended consequences will be the exodus of capital and the wealthy as they seek to do what is instinctual when attacked by government with higher taxes -- protect themselves and their families by protecting their wealth.

    This election will further imperil Europe and the European Union as nation states do what they have done for centuries -- engage in activities that ensure their survival. And if that means leaving the Euro and returning to a sovereign currency then that is what they will do. France for the near term is doomed to fall further into economic dispare.

    History supports the conclusive position that "socialism" fails every time it is tried. And there is no reason to think that this transgression of France back into socialism is going to end any better than during other times in history. Hopefully this dilusional experiment doesn't end in the deaths of millions as it has in the past.