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Isn't not stopping the slaughter in Syria with the military power that we have s

  1. veritorogue profile image60
    veritorogueposted 5 years ago

    Isn't not stopping the slaughter in Syria with the military power that we have shameful?

  2. Sheepsquatch profile image63
    Sheepsquatchposted 5 years ago

    We have standing military in over 160 countries. We don't have the right or ability to police the world.

  3. Cassie Smith profile image70
    Cassie Smithposted 5 years ago

    No, getting involved in other country's affairs is not something to be done lightly.  I don't think I would have appreciated it if some other country got involved during our Civil War.

    In addition you already have anti-Americans in this country and other countries getting snippy and accusing us of acting like the world's policeman.  The US is basically going to be damned either way regarding any foreign interaction.

  4. Vegas Elias profile image29
    Vegas Eliasposted 5 years ago

    The only country which involves directly or leads an involvement in another country is the U.S. Sometimes this has lead to good results and sometimes to bad results. However if one studies U.S. involvements deeply it will be clear that the U.S. involves in another country only when it's own interests are at stake or challenged; like the involvement in Afghanistan during the Russian invasion.
    Also given the proliferation of nuclear weapons today it is no more safe for any country to thoughtlessly involve in the internal affairs of any other country.
    Diplomatic arm twisting should be a better alternative.

  5. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 5 years ago

    well, how are things in Iraq since they were invaded ? there are more deaths there now then ever so i guess it didn't work out too well.

  6. GERALD-710 profile image61
    GERALD-710posted 5 years ago

    I support The US NOT interfering in The Syrian Affair why? Every time the US has helped topple a regime in the Middle East,Either chaos has erupted and lead to ethnic cleansing of Christians and other minorities or an Islamist Government has come to power.
    Let us start with Afghanistan where the proxy war between the Russians and Americans lead to the communist government being replaced by the Taliban who in turn hosted Osama Bin Laden who waged terror on americans and allies for nearly 20 years starting with the WTC bombing in 1994.
    Next,Saddam was a brutal dictator,but His leadership style kept Iraq together,Sunni Arb,Shia Arab,Kurd or Christian.Look what happened after he left.The Sunnis and Shias turned on each other,the Kurds want an independent state and Al Qaeda has cleansed Iraq of 80% of its Christians ,most of whom fled to the protection of Guess who,Asaad Himself and to Sweden
    The Arab Spring brought with it the rise of Islammists to power in Tunisia,which has been a secular state for decades and as modern as Europe,is now slowly returning to the 7th century.Egypt is at a crossroads with the runoff.The activists have to choose between two evils:A man who belongs to the very regime they overthrew or another who will do exactly what Khomenei did to the secular Activists in Iran after they freed Iran from the Shah:Destroy them.
    Back to Syria,With or without Russian Support,Asaad will be hard to dislodge  because:
    a) He continues to enjoy the Support of the minorities that is the Christians,Druze,Alawites and some Kurds as the Opposition seems to be almost exclusively sunni Arab and the presence of the Islammist Muslim Brotherhood leading the opposition obviously does not make the Christians and Alawites uncomfortable.
    The Sunni Middle class and the Business elite supports Asaad,something that infuriates Hillary.That is why Damascus has remained calm except for a few car bombings,there have been no anti asaad protests there.
    The Sunni farmers are on the Government's side mainly due to the reforms done by Asaad before the Arab Spring. The opposition is not amused and has been blocking food supplies from farmers to the cities coz of that.
    Now add up the total percentage of people supporting Asaad.More than 50% I am sure.Most may be horrified by the killings but nonwe want islamists in power or the bloody civil war that will ensue if Asaad leaves(I imagine the Alawites will want to secede,taking the whole Syrian coastline with them,yeah bloody)