Globalization any alternative?critics can not offer solution.

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    pramodgokhaleposted 5 years ago

    Globalization any alternative?critics can not offer solution.

    After the WW-II world was divided into two blocs i. e. Capitalist and communist In third world nations most of the regimes  loved socialism to resolve basic problems but failed.Inefficiency ,corruption ,and authoritarian regimes could not build the nations.Globalization could not solve the problem of poor nations and locked into debt trap.lack of basic civilization, illiteracy feudalism are the basic issues which plagued the development of third world nations. transition from controlled economy to free market economy is painful exercise

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    Agantumposted 5 years ago

    What a choice.  Lock up human endeavour or let it be free.  We lock up the bad guys in prison.  But most people are o.k. and they live within the rules.  Giant corporations are good at avoiding the rules of one country by moving operations to another country, but we have come a very long way in the last couple of hundred years with globalisation.  Regions, then states, then countries and whole continents and even the world has come together on occasion.  Our United Nations is often belittled but as global human endeavour goes this is our scorecard to date.  Its the world institutions that can create a framework to reduce the harm and ensure opportunity.  As a world we are not still children, but we have not yet grown up.  We are adolescents, we can do great good or harm and we are a bit rash and don't have quite enough maturity.  So what alternative to globalisation is there. How can we put the genie back into the bottle? By repressing the will of people?  If  'Critics' do not have an alternative, then they are not critical, they are winging.  If they would like to work toward a common solution, then I think it will have to be within the global frameworks that they like to protest outside of.

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    Johnkadu123posted 5 years ago

    Globalization is inevitable even if individual economies are struggling to deal with the reality. Once the capitalism bug has been beaten, it is very difficult to take it back. This is particularly important for those economies that are moving away from socialist-oriented systems of government. For example the issue of raw materials and labor specifically means that companies are looking for the cheapest production localities. China and India combine both infrastructure and technical know-how. They are also very affordable for multinational companies. That means that they are the winners in this system. I am afraid that globalism is here to stay and people just have to cope.