Do you think Mitt Romney's aide Gorka was wrong for telling the reporter to "sho

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  1. Traci21 profile image61
    Traci21posted 10 years ago

    Do you think Mitt Romney's aide Gorka was wrong for telling the reporter to "shove it"?

  2. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 10 years ago

    Yes, Very wrong. Romney put his own foot in his mouth enough. Now his Aide's are doing it as well. Way to go Team Romney.

  3. Cassie Smith profile image59
    Cassie Smithposted 10 years ago

    Romney or Gorka don't owe reporters a thing.  They should tell the reporters to "shove it" more often.

  4. Attikos profile image75
    Attikosposted 10 years ago

    Oh, yes, he was absolutely wrong. Those newsmen try very, very hard not to play a favorite, to be civil themselves, never to bend facts or report selectively, to eschew  "gotcha" hatchet jobs, faithfully to practice journalistic ethics, to do their jobs with all due respect, honor and truth. How could Gorka have been so ungracious to such fine human beings? The nerve of the man!

    1. pagesvoice profile image79
      pagesvoiceposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Where is the journalistic utopia you desire? Seriously, you can't mean wire tapping Rupert Murdock can you? All kidding aside, what news source do you believe in? I really am serious.

    2. Attikos profile image75
      Attikosposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      None. And I'm serious in that. For political reports, I often start with RealClearPolitics and OpenSecrets, both of which are better balanced than any of the mainstream news sources, neither of which can be described as partisan.

  5. junkseller profile image78
    junksellerposted 10 years ago

    The better part was the "Kiss my [butt]. This is a holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect."

    What wonderful irony there is in demanding respect by asking someone to kiss a derriere. It is a bad sign for Romney that he has done so poorly outside of the protective bubble of the American right. It is embarrassing being an American these days. It would be bad enough if it happened in Smalltown America, but as part of a foreign tour at such a solemn event shows an astounding lack of class. Unfortunately it isn't at all surprising.

  6. daskittlez69 profile image67
    daskittlez69posted 10 years ago

    It just shows how much class you have to have to be a Presidential nominee these days.  It is bad enough that these guys make us look bad in front of out own people.  But to make us look like jackasses in front of the rest of the world as well. lol

  7. pagesvoice profile image79
    pagesvoiceposted 10 years ago

    Romney's aide was out of line in his verbal assault on the press who were just trying to ask an assumed presidential candidate about his missteps. For crying out loud, Mitt was visiting 3 countries in a rigid attempt to appear presidential and during his entire visit he only answered 3 questions. The man is shrouded in a dark cloud of secrecy and refuses to ever answer any "yes" or "no" questions. Does anyone really know what this former Bishop in the Mormon Church actually stands for? I think his handlers are most likely getting frustrated dodging Thurston Howell's elitist, entitlement attitude of "You people know all you need to know."

    Okay, now that I've given my opinion on the question at hand I fully expect the "down arrows" to begin. At least I answered a question and that is certainly more than what Romney has shown he is capable of.

    1. pagesvoice profile image79
      pagesvoiceposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Not to disappoint, there is the 1st down arrow without a reason why. I'm reminded of "A Few Good Men" when Nicholson said, "The can't handle the truth!"

    2. Attikos profile image75
      Attikosposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      The second one, which you'll see in a few seconds, is just because every post you put up complains about down arrows. Since you think they're so important, who am I to deny you another? Here ya go ...

    3. pagesvoice profile image79
      pagesvoiceposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Well there Attikos I am glad you didn't disappoint. Mitt Romney is as sneaky as they come. Then there's Ann who made it clear, "They haven't decided on a VP." Since when did the wives pick the VP? Both were born with a silver bridle in the mouths.

    4. Attikos profile image75
      Attikosposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      You're welcome, PagesVoice. Glad to lend a hand.

  8. manningnd profile image56
    manningndposted 10 years ago

    Follow up question. How many of you have had reporters dog you in this fashion? You know that anxious feeling you get when someone quietly looks over your shoulder while you work and you just want to elbow them in the gut. Imagine 50 of these annoying people shouting in your ear about everything you have said and done in your lifetime.

    These days if you want to know how a candidate feels about something check his facebook page. He gives the same answer on there or other social media as he does to the press. What is the point of these people standing around shouting questions they know he is not going to bother to answer on the spot?

    Is it nice to tell someone doing there job to shove it, no. Are the reporters acting more like paparazzi than respectable journalists, yes. And to paparazzi I say with all due respect, shove it.


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