Was the media over-enthusiastic over the inauguration.

  1. LA Elsen profile image83
    LA Elsenposted 5 years ago

    Was the media over-enthusiastic over the inauguration.

    I don't recall ever witnessing so much selacious banter over past inaugurations. I am a patriot and it was moving, but I prefer my journalists a  bit more objective.

  2. thomasczech profile image64
    thomasczechposted 5 years ago

    I do think that the media went overboard with the inauguration. There was far too much of a spotlight put on Obama.
    I think there should be some media coverage, but this was ridiculous.
    Not to mention the unjustifiable amount of money that was spent on the inauguaration, while so many people suffer (Hungry, homeless, unemployesd etc)

  3. Conservative Lady profile image75
    Conservative Ladyposted 5 years ago

    Obama was selected as "Advertiser of the Year" (no joke) so I think the media bias is sickeningly overboard for this President. They seem to praise him above all others regardless of his record. Makes no sense....