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President Obama for a THIRD term?

  1. pctechgo profile image76
    pctechgoposted 4 years ago

    President Obama for a THIRD term?

    If a third term were possible, what do you think the chances are of President Obama being elected again?

  2. profile image0
    sheilamyersposted 4 years ago

    All I'll say is I'm glad that the office is limited to two terms.

  3. Attikos profile image80
    Attikosposted 4 years ago

    Were the election to be held today, close to zero, even were Donald Duck his opponent. The lies he and his party have been feeding the public are exposed, his credibility along with that of his political supporters has evaporated. The voters reliably have taken an unknown over a known negative out of the idea it's better to roll the dice than to continue a losing proposition, and progressives behind Obama's abysmal leadership have thrown away the advantage W. Bush handed them, with interest. This year's election is likely to be a political bloodbath for them, deservedly so. 2016 is too far away to draw a similar conclusion, but given that PPACA is just now beginning to deal out its damage to the majority of Americans, foreign policy is a disaster zone, and the economy remains stubbornly poor with the real unemployment rate pushing to soar above 20%, it's hard to imagine a turnaround by then.

  4. pctechgo profile image76
    pctechgoposted 4 years ago

    I believe President Obama could win a third time. Even with Obama care the way it is, even with the economy the way it is.