Will you watch the Celebrity Boxing Match featuring George Zimmerman and DMX?

  1. kellysgirl profile image67
    kellysgirlposted 4 years ago

    Will you watch the Celebrity Boxing Match featuring George Zimmerman and DMX?

    George Zimmerman (the killer of Trayvon Martin) should NOT be able to capitalize off purposefully killing an unarmed teenager. This celebrity boxing match nonsense is a slap in the face to Trayvon Martin's family and to every mother out there with a son. Don't make this about color, IT'S NOT. But I will not be supporting this foolishness.

    So, what do you think? Will you watch and why? No judgment from me if you choose too, just know that any money you pay (including your viewing) goes in the zimmerman person's pockets.


  2. William Slater profile image60
    William Slaterposted 4 years ago

    I think its ridiculous, he killed a young child, and he is going to get so much money off this match, win or lose, I hate it, normally, I wouldn't wish bad things upon anyone. But I hope that DMX "accidentally" kills zimmerman in this match.

  3. profile image52
    tbHistorianposted 4 years ago

    Definitely will watch.  I am a very dedicated historian and will record events for future use.  Personal observation provides the best knowledge concerning the activity.  As part of my history collection, I will record that many individuals believe that the legal system was unfair with regard to the Trayvon case.  However, such personal judgment does not make the ruling right or wrong.  The media overplayed the racial bias during reporting of the Trayvon case by proclaiming an institutional verdict of guilty without portraying the truth about the case.  This has resulted in a very divisive collective that perpetuates the racial animosity in some citizens who wrongly accuse others of bigotry when none exists.  Additionally, I am interested in recording history as it occurs and so will include observations such as this that proclaim it a format to "capitalize off purposefully killing an unarmed teenager".
    Society has become so diffused with bigotry with leadership declaring a racist agenda that expands the divisional anchors within the USA.  This political blanketing of bigotry rhetoric actually undermines the freedom loving society.  And, it leads to further violence that then generates outcomes like that of Trayvon.  This is what makes two enraged individuals such as Trayvon and Zimmerman political pawns for the radical bigots.  Otherwise, the politicians would be spreading love and joy, not dissent and hate.