What is the minimum wage in canada

  1. scoop profile image85
    scoopposted 3 years ago

    What is the minimum wage in canada

    Does Canada have a national minimum wage? In America there is a federal minimum wage, but does Canada have one?

  2. Anselome profile image74
    Anselomeposted 3 years ago

    The minimum wage varies from province to province. I live in Ontario and the current minimum is $10.25/hr. They are increasing it to $11.00/hr in June.

    Currently the highest minimum wage is in the province Nunavut, and it is $11.00/hr.

    The lowest is in Alberta, and it is $9.95/hr.

    The average is about $10.00/hr.

    It also depends on the job classification and your age. Typically, servers and bartenders make less than the minimum as they get Tips. Those under 18 years of age also make less than the minimum.

    I hope this helps.