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So can we solve corruption

  1. Esther Dzviti profile image61
    Esther Dzvitiposted 4 years ago

    So can  we solve corruption

  2. William Robb profile image61
    William Robbposted 4 years ago

    Short answer is nope.
    Long answer the saying absolute power corrupts absolutley is true but any amount of power can corrupt.
    Usually you find corruption in high pressure low pay jobs like prison guards, this shows money is a powerful motivator.
    Take the jokes you may have had with your friends: for how much will you sleep with someone or the indecent proposal deep doen you know everyone will have a price we joke to ally this insecurity.

  3. wmhoward4 profile image70
    wmhoward4posted 4 years ago

    We cannot stop it all BUT we can make changes that make corruption more difficult to pull-off. For example, if legislative redistricting we done by formula rather than legislators, there could not be gerrymandering that protects these types of politicians.  If large contributions were taxed to pay for a public forum at election time, the little guy would still have a voice also.

    Another means of de-corrupting is forcing them to post bills online way before they can vote on them. IF the bills' sponsors happen to recieive funds from those who benefit by the legislation, their names should appear in bold RED capital letters. (along with phone numbers and e-mail address so we can raise hell with them)

    Lastly, the government is always watching us. Maybe we the people need to have the means to watch THEM! Every 1 1/2 hour coffee break and 4 person crew to change a light bulb, we should know. Every order they place and check they write, we should be able to see. All this would slow them way down.  If none of this works, time for term limits.

  4. DeepThought258238 profile image72
    DeepThought258238posted 4 years ago

    Good questions Esther! Many people including those in power try to fight corruption every day. However besides legislation in order to solve corruption there would have to also be a change of many hearts.People everywhere must learn to hate corruption, only then will it disappear. The bible has principles that can definitely help us as individuals. For example:

    Ephesians 4:23,24,28 - "And you should continue to be made new in your dominant mental attitude, and should put on the new personality that was created according to God’s will in true righteousness and loyalty...let the one who steals no more; rather, let him do hard work, doing good work with his hands, so that he may have something to share with someone in need." Changing our mental attitude and putting it in line with God's will can help us to be good workers rather than to turn to corruption. Praying regularly and from the heart as well as reading the bible is vital if people everywhere are to learn to hate corruption.

    1 Timothy 6:9,10 - "“People who want to be rich fall into all sorts of temptations and traps. They are caught by foolish and harmful desires that drag them down and destroy them. The love of money causes all kinds of trouble.”— Contemporary English Version.
    While money is needed to survive, cultivating a love for it only leads to trouble. In order to eliminate corruption people everywhere must learn to keep money in it's proper place and avoid greed.

    These are just some of the principles that can help a person to hate corruption if they allow themselves to be molded by it. Just imagine if they did, wouldn't that be great? However realistically we know that will not happen.Since early in human history the fight of corruption has surged on and there are no signs of corruption slowing down.By means of the bible however we learn that God soon will take action. First he encourages those who carry out corruption to change, in Isaiah 55:7 it states: "Let the wicked man leave his way and the evil man his thoughts; let him return to Jehovah,, who will have mercy on him...for he will forgive in a large way." However if he does not take advantage of this while he still can, soon these prophetic words will find fulfillment in Psalms 37:34 - "Hope in Jehovah and follow his way, and he will exalt you to take possession of the earth. When the wicked are done away with, you will see it." Soon all wickedness will be done away with, but how? Visit www.jw.org to find out.

  5. manatita44 profile image82
    manatita44posted 4 years ago

    Those who help this world do so through prayer, example and loving thoughts. That is what the Christ, Buddha, Krishna and others did. The disciples then served as co-workers to carry out their work.

    Corruption begins in the mind of man. We are constantly looking out. Yoga philosophy asks us to look within. Not 'Is man corrupt?' but 'Am I corrupt?' by cleaning our own mirrors, it becomes a lot easier to clean the mirrors of others. God first has always been the teaching of all men and women of God.

  6. profile image0
    Dave36posted 4 years ago

    Get rid of all governments tomorrow, & give the power back to the local towns/cities/communities/people..Destroy the Fed & the Bank of England, & all the other corrupt banks out there..Change all denominations of US Dollars & British pounds, & freeze "all" bank accounts over 10,000,000 until investigated..The same value notes, but a completely different design..Then wipe out all Billionaires wealth, & distribute "back" to the people.."UN" Privatize everything governments have "privatized" & sold to their buddies & make the debt banking system illegal..Give the people 2 acres of arable farmland each, & help teach them to "work" that land..Give them all livestock, & teach them how to raise there own etc..That's everybody that wants to by the way, which i do!..Of course it's FAR to late for any of that, & corruption is built into mankind now..Governments have drilled it into the "slave masses", & most are brain washed.

    1. William Robb profile image61
      William Robbposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Destroying billionaires wealth would lose alot of people their jobs.
      And theres not enough farmable land to do that not to mention society would crumble as everyone would be to busy to be doctors etc

    2. profile image0
      Dave36posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      There's enough arable farm land on planet earth, that if everyone had 2 acres there would be enough room for "100 billion" people..Don't believe the bullcrap about the world being over populated, it's only the towns/cities that are over populated.

    3. William Robb profile image61
      William Robbposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Comparitively very little of the earth is arable so much deserts forrests jungles and living areas and how can you say 7bill isnt overpopulated were strangling the planet open you eyes

    4. profile image0
      Dave36posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      There's enough for 100 billion people buddy i haven't just made it up, for example only 5% of the UK has been built on..We're already throwing enough food away every day in the west, to be able to feed the rest of the world..The world is massive!lol

  7. Esther Dzviti profile image61
    Esther Dzvitiposted 4 years ago

    Deepthought is right  the bible is the answer