What do you think of Australians?

  1. LeonJane profile image88
    LeonJaneposted 3 years ago

    What do you think of Australians?

    Do we matter in the global scheme of things? Do we matter socially, economically etc on a global level?

  2. jlpark profile image84
    jlparkposted 3 years ago

    In the global scheme of things - everyone matters.  Australia is a large country with a significant impact on the economy etc. Particularly job wise, as they came through the GFC reasonably well.

    Socially, unfortunately, I consider the Australian Government as backward, and old fashioned in a number of it's rulings, and unusual funding schemes - particularly Tony Abbott's views on SS Marriage, and using pastors in secular schools for counselling (inappropriate to say the least).

    But not all Australians agree with him.  I have family who are Australian, so of course I love them all to bits and think highly of them.

    BUT on the other hand - I'm a Kiwi - we think of you guys, what you think of us! Hahahaha.. eg "I support two teams: The New Zealand All Blacks and any team playing Australia" "I support two teams: Australia and any team playing New Zealand". HAHA

  3. shellymeyer profile image60
    shellymeyerposted 3 years ago

    I think Australian's are wonderful. Personally, I don't think the Australian government, or the people, are given enough credit on a global scale. Australia is much like Switzerland, they stay out of the petty wars when possible and maintain their country with grace.

    I would move to Australia if I had the means. I don't believe there is a more beautiful, peaceful or well-governed place on earth.