Do you think the internet has made us more isolated despite being virtually cinn

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    waterman1111pposted 3 years ago

    Do you think the internet has made us more isolated despite being virtually cinnected to the world?

    The internet, smart phones, social media, ect.  Alows us to virtually connect to the world, at any moment of the day.  Yet due to the way a person is likely to be selective in those connections, individuals tend to only connect to like minded individuals.  So the diversity of conversation and ebgagement is lost, the interection with diverse cultures, ideas, beliefs, religions Just does not happen, which leads to distrust and vilification.   Any ideas on how to use this awesome tool we have as a global vilage to bring us ttogether, rather than further drive us apart?

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    Batrin Adrianposted 3 years ago

    On the good part,Internet has given us a whole new look upon the world that we live in. It is easier to see the culture of other civilizations and such. It is easier to connect to other people around the globe.

    The thing is we should find a way that fits us and our personality to "combine" social life online with the one in real world. No one tells you to not to have an "online social life",but go out and at least explore what's near you and the people "surrounding" you,first. It's a great experience.

    Diversity of conversation is lost because we can't even communicate in "real-life". It is harder,but it forms a type of connection that an "online chat" never will.

    Distrust? Yes,because for example if you tell me a secret,I could instantly share it with the world in a couple of clicks.

    That's short opinion about this topic. Won't go into details,because I could honestly make a 1500 word hub about it and it still wouldn't be enough.