Do you believe the Catholic church would execute people for been gay, if they ha

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  1. profile image54
    peter565posted 3 years ago

    Do you believe the Catholic church would execute people for been gay, if they have political power?

    The Catholic church have Catholic laws, but can't enforce because, they have no political power but have been lobbying government to enforce it. E.g. prior to WW2 the Catholic law state abortion is allow prior to 1 month, because they think the soul only enter the baby, afterwards. Then the Vatican change the law saying abortion is not allow, since then Catholic groups have been lobby governments against abortion. In 70s they work with like minded government, to throw women in Catholic jail for life, for violating the Catholic law of been unwed mother.

  2. gmwilliams profile image81
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    If the Roman Catholic Church was more preeminent, they would institute laws that would discriminate against people of the LBGT community.  In the past, when the Roman Catholic Church had political pull not only in the United States but in some European countries, birth control, abortion, and divorce were either declared to be illegal or severely restricted.  Until 1930, 1930s, Hollywood had freedom of expression regarding producing risqué, more adult oriented films.

    Then the Catholic Legion of Decency felt that such risqué films were immoral and was influential in implementing the Hays Code which went into effect until the late 1960s.  Also, the Roman Catholic Church in America was especially influential regarding having abortion illegal until the 1970s. It was also very instrumental pertaining to limiting information regarding contraception. Roman Catholic groups are in the forefront of the anti-abortion, pro life movement in America.  They are for conservative, traditional values in terms of sex education and morality.  In some Catholic schools, teachers have to sign a morality clause, dictating what they should do in their private lives.  Yes, the Roman Catholic Church is just as anti-woman in its theology as Islam is.

    1. profile image54
      peter565posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Base on history, I wonder whether the Catholic church is even worse, prior to 20th century where they have lots of political power, they seem to be much worse then the Muslim Sharia law created during late medieval ages

    2. gmwilliams profile image81
      gmwilliamsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for selecting my answer.

    3. profile image54
      peter565posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I got this funny idea of a story, in Post WW3 the Catholic church and Taliban became extremely powerful and created their Empire and new triangle war between Catholic, Taliban and the free world took place

  3. lisavollrath profile image95
    lisavollrathposted 3 years ago

    Under the current Pope, no. He's a live and let live sort of guy, who has been making moves to be more inclusive. Recently, he said, "God is not afraid of new things. That is why he is continuously surprising us, opening our hearts and guiding us in unexpected ways."

    I think, with his progressive views, and the passing of some of the older, more conservative cardinals, the church will move to be more inclusive.


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