What will it take to end violence in America?

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    realtalk247posted 2 years ago

    What will it take to end violence in America?

    How are 10 killed and 55 wounded in a 8 hour time frame in the City of Chicago?  Constantly we hear of death tolls in high murder areas such as Chicago, IL / South Central Los Angeles (CA)/ New Orleans, LA, and Camden, NJ. Among the dead, 7 year old Amari Brown, a child just experiencing fireworks was shot in the chest near his father’s home.  Police speculate that the attack was aimed at his father- a reported ranking gang member.  What can be done to change a society or community that has lost respect for life?  What is the solution? Why isn't this addressed as a crisis? RIP to the victims


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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    There are no "politically correct" solutions.
    In the case of the young man in the photo his father is a known gang member! The bullet was meant for him and not his son.
    In fact I suppose in most instances when young children are shot or killed it's the result of gang members who aren't expert marksmen.
    In the U.S. poverty and crime tend to go hand in hand.
    Unfortunately you can't keep people from doing things that increase their odds of becoming victims of crime or impoverished.
    Teens and other people who choose to have children without having an education and a stable career path are likely to end up living in areas where the crime rate is high.
    Choosing to associate with known gang members, drug dealers, and other criminals even if they are family members also increases one's odds of being a victim.
    No amount of legislation or government funds will keep people from making bad choices in life. You have to want out in order to get out.
    A little known secret is not everyone wants out!
    I still know of people who never left! Some even went away to college, earned degrees, and have decent paying jobs and still choose to live there.When I was growing up in Gary, Indiana I decided early on I was getting out of there.
    I know a single woman who earns over $160k per year that loves living on the south side of Chicago. It's not all boarded up houses but still anyone living there is only a couple of miles away from a gang infested area. Why risk it? for "cultural identity"? It's crazy!
    Avoiding the mistakes that often lead to poverty such as dropping out of school, engaging in criminal activity, having children you can't afford, dating/marrying someone who lacks ambition and education, and associating with known felons are (choices) people make that put them in situations which increase their odds of victimization.
    No child asked to be born in under those circumstances. In a free society the government has no way of keeping people from making bad choices. The only solution is (one person at a time) decides to find a legitimate way out. Life is a (personal) journey.