If this didn't happen during the Cold War, would other nation invade Ireland for

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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    If this didn't happen during the Cold War, would other nation invade Ireland for this?

    During ColdWar, pro CC(CatholicChurch)Ireland gov allow CC to practice religion law. Women, was been throw in CC prison for life, for been unwed mother, even if she is raped. After ColdWar, if a nation's citizen is seriously treated unjust, oversea, their gov take action. Last year Taiwan almost invade Philippine, for its warship's unprovoked attack on a Taiwan fishing boat on international water. If CC religion law still exist in modern Ireland and a dual citizenship Irish unwed mum got thrown in CC prison, for been unwed mum what act would other gov take, would any invade Ireland?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    The only nation that one can seriously say has invaded Ireland is England, and Northern Ireland is part of the UK.
    The Catholic Church did have undue power in Ireland until the 1980s, with the Magdalene Laundries being a place where they could take women accused of stealing or having sex out of wedlock without a trial. And that's why Ireland has secularized so fast after the priest rape and child molestation scandals. An institution considered so right it could judge and punish people outside of the state courts was now shown to have violated so many children and then covered it up. So now it has lost nearly all authority in society as a result.
    The Catholic Church cannot take people and simply throw them into a laundry to work as long as it decides anymore. That ended 20 years ago.