Does Twitter censor trends or trending hashtags like #Spiritcooking

  1. PhoenixV profile image80
    PhoenixVposted 14 months ago

    Does Twitter censor trends or trending hashtags like #Spiritcooking

  2. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 14 months ago

    Yes, as well as routinely banning conservatives and libertarians. They even shadow banned Scott Adams, a liberal, who endorsed Trump because Clinton's corruption and lying made her unacceptable to endorse.

    WikiLeaks Makes DNC Look Bad - Banned on Facebook and Shadowbanned on Twitter … ebook-now/

    Apple, Twitter, Google, Instagram collude to defeat Trump … eat-trump/

    Twitter’s double standard is even allowing these hash tags to exist, much less the incitement to violence that often accompanies them while banning conservatives.

    #polarbearhunting and #KnockOutGame, where blacks try to knock out whites with one blow to the head, thousands of black on white attacks per year, while the only case of a white guy doing it to a black got the DoJ involved

  3. Aime F profile image84
    Aime Fposted 14 months ago

    The hashtag was high on the trending list all day yesterday, so.. no.