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In March 2017 the national debt of the USA will become $20 Trillion. Someone had

  1. Perspycacious profile image81
    Perspycaciousposted 16 months ago

    In March 2017 the national debt of the USA will become $20 Trillion.
    Someone had a party, but who?

    From $10 Trillion in 2008 to $20 Trillion in the first quarter of 2017, America's government spent wildly beyond its means.  It's average citizen was left behind and deeper in debt than ever before.  Deeper in debt than anyone knows how to get out of.
    Some segments of society benefited from this gigantic orgy, but now is left with the trash and the realization that, short of an unlikely miracle, the view from the peak is downhill no matter where we look.
    Worse still people are blaming each other instead of working their butts off together, making matters even worse. What's next?   Default?

  2. greenmind profile image97
    greenmindposted 16 months ago

    I have an idea -- let's cut the tax income we get from the top 1%, and cut the money we get from taxes on corporations, and cut the money we get from inheritance taxes. That should help.

    1. Perspycacious profile image81
      Perspycaciousposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      The relevant sarcasm is noted.  You could have some real fun turning it into satire, if you can finish the article before it becomes the new reality.

  3. point2make profile image81
    point2makeposted 16 months ago

    Our fiscal problems are not caused by our taxes being too low. Our national debt is out  of control because our spending is out  of control. Our politicians have already spent the future wealth of our grandchildren's grandchildren! 
         In fairness to our politicians we cannot place all the blame on them, after all, they had accomplices. Our leaders were beholden to a very powerful lobby group. This group made constant, and often times unreasonable, demands of our leaders and it is this particular group who deserves to shoulder most of the blame for this crisis.  Who are those powerful lobbyists  who, in truth,caused most of this know them as "We The People"!
       You see for decades "We The People"  have demanded a constant stream of "free stuff" from our politicians. "We The People" demanded that our government policies reflected our "wants" and not always our needs regardless of how our nation was impacted. Of course our spineless politicians continually searched for ways to make  our "wants" come true. Democrat or Republican..... it really doesn't matter in the end "We The People" will support whoever will give us the most "stuff". We have spent ourselves nearly into oblivion and now the financial monster we created is coming and it will not be ignored.
         So the next time you feel like taking to the streets to protest the politicians, bankers, corporations, rich people, Fox, CNN,  and we can't forget all the "phobias"   take a moment and look in the mirror.....what do you see?

    1. Perspycacious profile image81
      Perspycaciousposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      In fact, those who vote recklessly are perhaps the real greedy ones?