To be a good follower you have to lst be a good leader. Do you think Pres.Trump

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    lindaspeaksposted 10 months ago

    To be a good follower you have to lst be a good leader. Do you think Pres.Trump was a good follower?

    Do you think President Donald Trump was a good follower, taking good advice, suggestions, and opinions from other people in his business before he had decided to become Presidents of the U.S.A.?

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 10 months ago

    I do not agree with the conclusion of the ?. There are very few possible leaders among followers. A follower cannot lead, no more than a sheep can lead a shepherd.

    I also disagree with the second premise of your question, that of taking advice etc. This is not nor should it be done from the viewpoint of following. Leaders can use the advice of others, but that advice is not usually coherent and viable from the multitude of sources. It is the leader that chooses or ignores the advice.

    In the case of Trump, remember that all the pundits during the presidential campaign essentially said he was not even going to make it to the primary. They didn't think he had enough or any political experience, yet he beat all of the 18 professional and seasoned opponents. He made it into the primary, and then the pundits said he would lose the election. They did this to the very last hours of the election and all the pundits that said he would lose had to suck it up when he won.

    This proves that professional politicians and pundits don't really have good advice to give a leader.

    Even today, these same loser pundits and professional politicians criticize president Trump, but he is doing a good job for the country and the people. While these critics make remarks that later prove them wrong.

    What is it that Trump as presidential candidate, Republican Primary Winner, President Elect, and President that indicates he is not doing a great job as president of the US?

    While one should also look at the dismal job of his critics in congress and ask where is their leader?

    He has accomplished more as president elect, than the last few presidents have accomplished in their entire term. As president he is light years ahead in the accomplishments of presidents in the last 28 years. These presidents and congress pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall, and now president Trump is putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

    The left wants to stop this and they advocate resistance of any type to prevent it. Even to the level of treason. Remember, even though our country was started as a treasonous act against England, the founders of the US made such replication an act of treason. So it is not the American Way to commit treason to get a result. The founders replaced treason with voting for your representatives in gov to make the peaceful changes for the people.

    So to add in answering your ?, it is obvious that because Trump won he took whatever advice that made the win.