How Does everyone Feel about the Corruption in this world right now?

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    JoleeOwen-Carteeposted 7 months ago

    How Does everyone Feel about the Corruption in this world right now?

    When I say corruption I mean everything you see in the news from the Riots, to the mass killings and shootings all over. To the LGBTQ Hatred that has been going on. How do you feel about Immegraition? Do you think others should be given a chance to earn a Us Citizen ship or do you feel that it is perfectly ok to ship People back to where they came from Raise your Voice and let me know!

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    RTalloniposted 7 months ago

    How we feel about most issues isn't as important as what is right and what is wrong about them.  Without a standard of what is good and bad people get by with imposing their changeful feelings on others no matter how right or wrong they may be.  This liberality always leaves the most vulnerable among us in a desperate situation. 

    The behaviors you mention (and related ones) have some consequences that are obvious, but the destructiveness of those who participate in them can't be truly be measured.  Most people do not involve themselves in such activities but the issues are inflamed by those who do and by the media, which is sad business for everyone.   

    The issues related to immigration are complicated and should be viewed from the perspective of its history, including the reasons the laws were established.  People do have a chance to earn a US citizenship but the law must be followed or those people are committing crimes.  Socio/political climates change over time and the law allows for needed changes in order to help keep citizens safe from any number of serious problems. 

    The reality is that corruption is the basis on which this fallen world operates.  Not every person in it, of course, but no one's motives are always purely altruistic.  Some books that could help you think through what the real issues are so you can see that there is help for your frustrations, fears, and desire for things to be set right include:

    Oswald Chambers' "Our Portrait in Genesis" and his "Philosophy of Sin".

    "RIght Thinking in a World Gone Wrong" and "The Vanishing Conscience" from J. MacArthur.

    "Don't Waste Your Life" and "Think" by John Piper.

    "The Intolerance of Tolerance" by D. A. Carson