Is democracy in Africa real?

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    Naga littoposted 6 months ago

    Is democracy in Africa real?

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    Besarienposted 6 months ago

    Is Democracy in the US real? What you ask is a tricky question because democracy can be measured in so many different ways. I'd say the answer is up to the people who live in those countries.

    I don't believe most Africa democracies have had time to mold western style political models to fit their own people and traditions. Some sort of equilibrium will happen. Perhaps in twenty years the democratic riff on the theme that evolves in Senegal won't have much in common the one in Botswana, or Tanzania, or Kenya.

    As the old regimes die out, younger ideas will prevail. Political stability will increase economic stability. Maybe emerging African democracies will become more like parliamentary socialism or may embrace complete democracy. Perhaps technology will make that possible.

    What gives me a lot of hope is the vibrancy of the art culture all across Africa. Art has always been a democratizing force, giving a powerful voice to the poorest, to women, and ethnic minorities. A strong art culture is, historically speaking, a harbinger for new emphasis on human rights, political freedom, and social justice. I'm hoping the next revolution in Africa will be cultural, economic, and technological, without a shot fired.