What are your opinions about the DACA's revoke?

  1. Naty Lara profile image59
    Naty Laraposted 13 months ago

    What are your opinions about the DACA's revoke?

    DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was created in 2012 by the argument that children were not guilty of coming as illegals, they were following the instructions of their parents who wanted a different future for them. Thinking in the protection of children’s rights, this policy might be a good option, mainly because children were not treated as illegals and they could build a future in a country that they never decided to be in the first place.
    However, the recent decision of Donald Trump to revoke this legal agreement, leaves the atmosphere in complete uncertainty. First of all, i


  2. lovemychris profile image68
    lovemychrisposted 13 months ago

    Personally, i think this was pushed by the racists in trump adm. What was the urgency? I mean really? Or i could allow my cynical side to rule and say jeffersion sessions...the highest cop in the land who LIED to congress is doing it because he has stock in the private prison industry...including those that will house these young people pre deportation...you can read many an article on the horrors that go on in those places. Oh and a couple of session former aides have become lobbyists with the private prison industry.
    With sessions, i will always err on the side of his actions being racist. Like his newly reactivated inhumane war on drugs, which obama adm had done much to begin to address...
    I say this is just another white supremacy bs move
    Pass the dream act. Now!

  3. tamarawilhite profile image90
    tamarawilhiteposted 13 months ago

    Using the large administrative bureaucracy to say "here is a formal procedure to not enforce immigration law" was illegal. Even Pelosi admitted it was on "shaky legal ground". Clinton agreed, too, a few years ago.
    Telling Congress to make a decision on how to handle the situation on immigration law is the only Constitutional option, as is letting these deferrals of enforcement of immigration laws Congress previously passed expire.

    Flashback clip shows Clinton saying illegal immigrant children ‘should be sent back’
    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/09 … k.amp.html


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