politics daily delete's comments oposing left radical aginda

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    politicsdayleeposted 7 years ago

    IT is proven. If you post a comment on politics dailys "news site". that is contraire to the democrat radical agenda. your post will

    be deleted and you will be band from the site.
    at first you think, well if they said somthing real nasty.
    but! the proven fact is. that even the mildest opinion will be deleted and the user band.  one realizes that if they own that news

    site they can do as they please. thats freedom that is good. What are the motives behind deleting the oposing posters opinons?

    who are the people doing it? it gives the precetpion they have somthing to hide.......................,,
       Here are one of the  post that politics daily deleted.

    {picture this: dems pass a law that violates the contustion, It goes to the supreme court, The supreme court deems it against the

    law, The People responsable are chareged with treason.     I'M no expert but could this happin?}

                       you press post button

    then you get a promp from politics daily saying an E-mal has been sent to you, open your e-mail activate the link to place your

    post.  AND THAT E-MAIL NEVER SHOWS UP IN YOUR MAIL      could that be consederd fruad by the F.T.C or better busniss

    bureau? but this is only the tip of the iceberg. 
    Who pays these people that delete these post? is any of that money tax dollars? Why do they choose to Ignor their oath for the

    political party of their chioce.
    I guess thats what they meen by YELLOW JONALISM

          My name is EVERCERST AWAKE I owe you guys  an apology
    I did not vote for years I was always working and thought it would work out fine somehow. I had trust a trust that is now lost.
    BOY WAS I A BONEHEAD! but I am very awake NOW!

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