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    creativemshposted 7 years ago

    Welcome To Jordan (Ahlan Wa Sahlan). Jordan is a land of ancient heritage that until relatively modern times had lived in the fold of great empire. Most often existing as an important trading and communications link. Jordan's millennia of human settlement have left it with varied archaeological treasures that range from Neolithic villages and four thousands year old frescoes to the Greco-Roman splendor of Jerash, the mosaic riches of Byzantine Madaba and the rock-carved wonders of Nabataean Petra. These historical sites, combined with a moderate climate and central location in the Middle East, make the kingdom idea for tourism. And as the country is small and communication is good, much can be seen in a minimum of time. The Jordanian people are friendly, warm, and hospitable. You are bound to be attracted by fascinating natural surroundings under bright blue skies. Memories that can never be forgotten.