a bit from Campaign for Liberty on Audit the Fed...

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    SparklingJewelposted 7 years ago

    portions from a letter I recieved today...it has a link to an article on this "financial reform" sad ......

    Despite all the limited government rhetoric you're hearing from the Republican Party these days, it appears that Senate Republican leaders, including Richard Shelby, are more than ready and willing to work with Chris Dodd to empower the Fed, add more layers of federal bureaucracy to our economy, and set the stage for future crises.

    The White House is doing everything it can in the media to cram yet another powergrab down the American people's throats. A vote could come at any time, so it's crucial that liberty activists make their voices heard immediately.

    the true cause of the recent financial downturn: interference in our economy and manipulation of our currency by Congress, the Treasury, and the Federal Reserve.

    For all the talk of "change" in D.C., our elected officials are following the same tired old script: if the federal government created the problem, the only solution must be to give it even more power.

    Now Senate leaders want to create a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which will be housed in and funded by the Fed.

    Recently, Washington Examiner journalist Tim Carney has done some terrific work exposing the corporatism behind the White House's rhetoric.

    To see how Obama's "reform" plan will actually benefit the big banks and Wall Street firms, especially Goldman Sachs, at the expense of smaller companies and the rest of us, click here to read his piece entitled "Goldman rallies for Obama in Wall Street 'reform'."http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columns/Goldman-rallies-for-Obama-in-Wall-Street-_reform_-90957879.html

    Don't let Chris Dodd strengthen the federal government and further entangle the Federal Reserve in our economy without a fight.

    Click here to get contact information for your senators. Tell them to reject Chris Dodd's Fed Empowerment Act and to stand up for transparency by working for a standalone vote on Audit the Fed, S. 604!

    The American people have already suffered too much because of Washington's previous interference in our economy.

  2. MikeNV profile image79
    MikeNVposted 7 years ago

    Team Obama's Finance reform is just a guise to shift more power to the Federal Reserve.

    Each and every time I say this I need to point out to the uneducated that the Federal Reserve is NOT a Government Agency. It's a group of secret private bankers that control our money supply.  They manipulate it at will.  They print money whenever they want.  And we pay them interest on the money they create out of nothing.

    It's not hard to get rich when you legally print your own money and answer to no Government or to any people!

    There is not REFORM going on.  There have been plenty of regulatory rules in the past that have been ignored or abolished to give the private bankers even more profit.

    Reform ... true reform that would actually benefit the people requires not an Audit of the Federal Reserve but to completely eliminate it.

    Each time a Politician starts talking about doing something about the Federal Reserve they secret bankers just step in and buy them off.

    Ron Paul proposed an Audit Bill just last year... and what happened?  Bankers bought of the politicans they needed to... by cramming in so much crap and pork that even Ron Paul voted against his own bill.

    The people who run the Federal Reserve are Criminals... but because they control the supply of money they simply buy off anyone who gets in their way.