Jobs Dwindled as Katrina Survivors Replaced Locals

  1. Jane Stevens profile image60
    Jane Stevensposted 8 years ago

    Yes, it has been happening. I went to an agency, here in my state, looking for work. As time went by, I came to learn the receptionist had recently come from Mississippi. So had a lot of the workers, who were going out to jobs. And I can tell you, the job market wasn't that great to begin with. What is really going on? How did the market really crash?

    1. Mark Knowles profile image61
      Mark Knowlesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      The Federal Reserve crashed it intentionally by encouraging banks to overlend. The American Government Inc has now indebted you to the Fed for an inconceivable amount of money which must be levied in taxes.

      But - not to worry - The Fed has now been put in charge of overseeing all banks so this sort of thing can never happen again. wink

    2. Lisa HW profile image65
      Lisa HWposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Companies are having money "issues".  State programs/budgets are too.  As a result, there are fewer jobs.  People aren't hiring.  Some are laying off some workers and expecting whoever isn't laid off to take on more work and hours for no more pay.  Companies seem to more and more be hiring on a temp-to-permanent basis, regardless of the type of work (probably because it saves them benefit expenses for as long as possible, but also assures they won't hire someone they won't need in two months.  There are a number of contributing factors, but that's what's out there today.

      Whenever there are fewer jobs a lot of what job openings do exist often go to people perceived as "most important to get working" - whether that's victims of one thing or another, welfare people, of anyone else either seen as "deserving" or else as an expense to taxpayers.  Sometimes there are incentives for companies to hire certain groups of people, and those incentives don't seem to ever include people who are victims of nothing but a bad economy.  I, personally, think it's a decent thing that Katrina victims are getting the jobs.  Katrina was one of those things that was far too horrible for anyone who didn't go through it to even somewhat imagine what those who did went through.  As for a lot of the other victims and "drains on the taxpayers", I don't think it's helping the economy to try to "re-build/replace what's left of it with people who are often borderline-capable of doing quality work and performing well.

      Far from Mississippi, up here in Massachusetts I gave up looking for full-time employment a long time ago (and this is a part of the country known for being a region that usually has a lot of jobs).  Of course, a  lot of state (and even local) laws/policies have a tendency to destroy small businesses and drive larger ones out of this state.

      When the government and the overall attitude that prevails has absolutely no interest in preserving, protecting, middle-class, working people and the companies that give them jobs; what you get is what we now have - a disappearing middle class, too few jobs, and a horrendous, horrendous, deficit that nobody's ever going to pay because, among other reasons, too few people are working and earning enough for the government to take out its giant percentage of tax dollars. What's also going on is that people who do the hiring in companies either hire based on victimhood or else hire for reasons like having the best handshake and biggest, fakest, smile, or the person they can get cheap; and often (no matter what they claim) don't hire based on the person who is most qualified to do an excellent job (even at the highest levels in the company).  So, what you have, is a bunch of companies built on houses of cards that have now fallen down.


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