Medical care is being outsourced are lawyers next?

  1. Ben Evans profile image72
    Ben Evansposted 7 years ago

    Do many of us live in an overpriced society?

    Not too long ago it was unthinkable that we would see many professional positions such as engineers and accountants being outsourced.  This was after many industries moved offshore to lower costs. Engineers and accountants followed by medical doctors was the logical next step.........right?

    Now a lot of people in the US as well as other Western nations travel  to different parts of the world to get medical care.  In many cases it  can be less than a quarter of the cost in the US.  I tend to think that this is going to be a growing trend.

    Now lawyers are being outsourced.

    I know that a lot of people have mixed opinions on this subject.  I did also because I own a manufacturing company and I have had to come to terms with foreign competition.  While it has kept me small, it has made me more competitive.  I don't begrudge anyone a fair wage but then again it is looking like many people will have to compete with people in other countries no matter what the profession is.

    What do you think of this trend?
    Where do you think it is headed?