Taking unjust revenge on that demented Pakisthani lady.

  1. stephengoswami profile image59
    stephengoswamiposted 7 years ago

    Why God allowed 9/11 at the first place?

    Now USA is taking revenge on that demented lady for that and other reverses. As a Christ-follower I must explain the root of it.

    Heavenly Father don’t harm any but lets us fall in the hands of destroyer devil when rejecting Him we seek devil as Adam and Eve did. Then disasters follow. U.S.A. leaders pretending Christianity is the ringleader of ultimate weapons’ manufacturers and users. It is blatant opposition of Christ-principles. So these weapons boomerang. The al-queda and its leader Laden was the brainchild of U.S.A. Had not Christ said that sword will turn against the swordsman?
    They may say that public has very little say in political affairs. If they don’t join in Heavenly Father’s works and protest against those sins, they become an accomplice. Those who do Heavenly Father’s work will be certainly protected by Him as we often see. Even if they die they will not die futilely as in 9/11. They shall go to Heavenly Father too.
    I have protested against Indian government’s atom bomb policy by fasting before the parliament several years while being a Christ worker. If now saner people of U.S.A. engage in positive Christ work and start protesting its antiChrist actions worldwide, then certainly they shall be saved. Others will be victim of disasters like 9/11 or worse. Don’t forget million killer A-bombs are sleeping under their feet.
    taking unjust revenge on that demented lady.